10 DC Characters That Have Never Received An Animated Movie

With Robin and Superboy: Battle of the Super Sons having been released, fans of the DC comics are thrilled that the animated universe is giving their more underrated characters a chance to shine – particularly since a lot of superheroes tend to get overshadowed by their DCEU counterparts. Given the extensive roster within the DC comics, it really was a shame that the TV and movie industry had largely ignored them due to the fact that no one was willing to take a risk on a character no one knew about.


Luckily, the DCAU seems to capitalizing on this, with the RWBY Justice League and The Legion Of Super-Heroes set to be released sometime next year. If these prove to be a success then, hopefully, the DCAU will take a look at some of these characters and adapt their fascinating arcs some more.


Firestorm is a nuclear power hero that is combined of two beings: Martin Stein and Ronnie Raymond. With Stein’s brains and Ronnie’s athleticism, the two fuse together to create the powerful and potentially dangerous hero.

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While Firestorm has popped up in multiple forms of DC media, including the Arrowverse, Injustice 2, and leading his own comics, he has yet to star in his own DCAU project so fans would love to see it. It would be rather interesting to see if the writers would adapt one of his most famous stories or if they would choose something more creative and original.


Since her debut in 1940, Hawkgirl has had an interesting character arc in DC Comics. Hawkgirl has seen significant changes throughout her history including being part of an alien race becoming the reincarnation of an Egyptian princess and being a former original member of the Justice League.

Recently appearing in Green Lantern: Beware My Power as a supporting character, Hawkgirl is one of the few original characters that has been left out of the DC animated universe-connected movies. Along with her husband Hawkman, they could make a perfect rom-com couple or provide an action-packed story.


Darkseid is a villain that commonly appears throughout DC’s media as he is a major threat. However, a group that isn’t as well known is his rivals, the New Gods, which features his own son, Orion. Orion is the son of Darkseid, who was traded to New Genesis as part of a peace treaty.

While New Genesis includes teams who should get their own movie, Orion’s Apokoliptian nature can easily cause him to reveal his dark side (which is full of rage). An animated movie would allow the audience to visually explore the worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips, and see Orion adapting to a new peaceful world that he is unfamiliar with.

Booster Gold

A time traveler obsessed with fame; Booster Gold could potentially be the new face of the DCEU. However, before that happens, fans would love to see him appear in the DCAU.

After appearing in the Justice League Unlimited, Booster Gold won over the audience thanks to hilarious chops. Unfortunately, due to the fact that he is often placed in the role of a side character, some fans feel like they haven’t seen him at his best and believe that he deserves to be explored in depth. While he might be charming and hilarious on the outside, they want to see what his flaws and insecurities could be.

Captain Atom

Captain Atom is recognized for being the silver American patriot who works for the government. Made of pure energy, Captain Atom is contained in a silver suit to protect others from the unstable nuclear energy that he holds.

Captain Atom can make for a dramatic animated series as it would not only be able to show how powerful he truly is, but it could also explore in depth his inner conflicts and tensions with other DC superheroes.


The Demon Etrigan appeared in the Justice League Dark and Justice League Dark: Apokolips War animated movie as the muscles of the team. Etrigan is often used as a tank character within the Justice League Dark and doesn’t really get much depth either due to the fact that the plot doesn’t necessarily need him.

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The demon poet, Etrigan, is a lover of conflict but does have a humane side to him: Jason Blood. Being an entertaining part of the movies he has appeared in, many fans would love to see Etrigan have a prequel that shows Marlin connecting him to Jason and bounding him to the world.

The Question

A person with no face but many conspiracies, The Question is another character that has proven to be an underrated member in Justice League Unlimited. A detective and conspiracy theorist, a solo movie following the Question would make for a compelling drama as fans would love to see them solve many mysteries.

Whether it is his Renee Montoya or Victor Sage, the character’s detective skills have not been shown in an animated movie. The character can bring an animated movie that can be either fun and whacky or dark and serious as this is a mysterious character that can adapt to any story being told.

Beast Boy

A team player, Beast Boy has become a beloved fan-favorite character thanks to his loyal personality. The green fun-loving animal shape-shifter’s popularity has grown from being on shows with teams, such as the Teen Titans and Young Justice.

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The Young Justice series has given Beast Boy more of a leadership role but has only been given a supporting role in animated films. He has had solo success in comics but has not been given the chance to stand on his own. An animated movie can show that he works just as well if not better on his own as he does with a team.

Wonder Girl

Both Robin and Superboy have made multiple appearances in animated films, but a character to have yet to make an appearance is Wonder Girl. Not only have Donna Troy, Cassandra Sandmark, and the newest Wonder Girl Yara Flor not received a spotlight as other sidekicks have, but they have never even received a significant role as they only appear as small cameos.

To train under the Amazon princess, those who possess the mantle of Wonder Girl should be seen as being as powerful as the person who taught them. All three characters that claimed the mantle of Wonder Girl can put on a fun animated movie as Wonder Girl would train or even go against Wonder Woman and tell a story of self-worth.


Robin has had some starring roles in the DC Animated Movies Universe, but it was never the original Dick Grayson Robin. Dick Grayson would have lead roles in his Nightwing persona but only team movies such as Teen Titans: Judas Contract and Batman: Bad Blood.

Dick Grayson proved that he could lead a team, but it is still a question of if he can carry his own movie without the Teen Titans or the Bat family by his side. A movie of him going off on his own would allow the audience to finally see his home of Bludhaven and his acrobatic skills in action. The form of an animated movie would allow for more visual effects to show how Nightwing has long escaped Batman’s Shadow.

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