10 Dead Characters Most Likely To Cameo In The Final Episodes

AMC’s The Walking Dead is shambling toward its series finale, with new episodes of the eleventh and final season coming to AMC in early October. Fans won’t have to miss their favorite post-apocalyptic franchise for long, with new spinoffs set to carry the fanbase through the next few years.

As the series begins to wrap up its long run, fans are looking back on previous seasons and the characters they lost along the way. Keeping in line with series finales of various other shows, the possibility yet remains for viewers to see certain dead characters return for one final cameo before The Walking Dead finally ends.


Beth Greene

Beth Greene is a character portrayed by Emily Kinney who served as a regular cast member beginning with season 2 of The Walking Dead. The half-sister of Maggie, Beth was a beloved character during her time on the series, which was cut tragically short in the mid-season finale of season 5, when she was shot in the head by Dawn Lerner.

Though it has been years since Beth’s death, many fans are still not over her loss. Given that she still has connections to several of the show’s current main characters, including Maggie and Daryl, it would not be out of the question for her to appear to one of them, either in a flashback or hallucination akin to the ones Rick saw in his final episode.

Sasha Williams

Sasha Williams, portrayed by Sonequa Martin-Green, joined The Walking Dead during season 3, quickly establishing herself as one of the show’s strongest fighters. She became an integral member of the group through their journey from the prison to Alexandria and eventually fired the first shots of the great Savior War, dying in the process.

There is already some precedence for Sasha’s return, as Martin-Greene made a surprise cameo during Andrew Lincoln’s final episode in a hallucination sequence. Should the character appear again in a similar manner, it would likely be to Rosita Espinosa, who had a turbulent relationship with her fellow survivor.


Avi Nash portrayed Siddiq during the eighth, ninth, and tenth seasons of The Walking Dead. As a former doctor, Siddiq proved invaluable to the Alexandrians in the days following the Savior war. He was also the sole survivor of Alpha’s massacre at the end of season 9, only to die a few weeks later when he uncovered a Whisperer spy in Alexandria.

Siddiq’s death was highlighted by the fact that he left behind an infant daughter who would never get to know her father. Therefore, his memory deserves to be honored, even if fans only get to see him one last time.


Samantha Morton portrays Alpha, the villainous leader of the Whisperers and the primary antagonist of seasons 9 and 10 of The Walking Dead. Though some viewers may have hoped Alpha would undergo a redemption arc before the end of the series, she was unceremoniously beheaded by Negan at the behest of Carol before the end of the Whisperer War.

Alpha’s impact on the surviving characters cannot be understated. She truly haunts those who lived through her war, especially her daughter Lydia. Though Alpha is long dead, Lydia has certainly not worked through all the trauma her mother bestowed on her, and may just find Alpha haunting her in the show’s final episodes.

Abraham Ford

Michael Cudlitz is a beloved cast member of The Walking Dead who joined the series halfway through its fourth season as the iconic character Abraham Ford. As a former soldier, Abraham proved quite valuable to his friends in the apocalypse until his death at Negan’s hand in the infamous season 7 premiere episode.

Cudlitz has already proven his willingness to be involved in the future of The Walking Dead, even years after leaving the series. Abraham has made cameos since his death and Cudlitz has even directed episodes of The Walking Dead and World Beyond in recent years, making it all the more likely for the entertainer to return to the franchise one last time.

The Governor

David Morrisey portrayed the Governor, a.k.a. Philip Blake, in seasons 3 and 4 of the series. The villain went through some truly terrible tragedies during his time in the series, which only cemented his hatred for Rick Grimes and his friends. Ultimately, the Governor is killed after his attack on the prison community.

The Governor haunted the characters who survived his onslaught for quite some time, even appearing in a hallucination to Tyreese as he lay dying. And, as Maggie begins to adopt some of his leadership qualities, it would prove very interesting for the fan-favorite character to face her adversary one last time.

Tyreese Williams

Chad L. Coleman portrayed Tyreese Williams, the brother of Sasha and a close ally of Rick Grimes during the early seasons of the show. After joining Rick’s group at the end of season 3, Tyreese would prove to be a loyal and strong companion until his death halfway through season 5, a loss which, when paired with Beth’s murder, shattered the group.

Though Tyreese has few connections to any of the show’s surviving characters, it would still be remarkably satisfying to see him return for one last time. The character hasn’t been seen since his death, though the actor has remained in the sphere of the series since his departure.

Sophia Peletier

The death of Sophia Peleiter, Carol’s daughter, was one of the most tragic casualties of the show’s early seasons. Portrayed by Madison Lintz, Sophia certainly didn’t deserve to die so early in the show’s run, spending most of season 2 missing until the group shockingly learned that she had been dead the entire time.

The Lintz family has remained closely tied to The Walking Dead for over a decade, with both Macsen and Matt Lintz portraying Henry in later seasons. And, with Carol continuing to work through the loss of every child she’s ever loved, it would certainly bring her character full circle to see her only biological child one last time.

Carl Grimes

Chandler Riggs was one of the primary cast members on The Walking Dead during its first eight seasons. Portraying Carl Grimes, Rick and Lori’s son, it was always expected that Riggs would remain on the series until it ended. This did not prove to be the case, however, as he died of a walker bite halfway through season 8.

Many fans felt shortchanged by Carl’s sudden and surprising death, feeling that the show killed off a noteworthy character merely as a means of sparking controversy. However, Carl has remained an important memory in the mind of his sister Judith, who would do well to learn from her brother’s mistakes as she attempts to survive the dangerous world she was born into.

Glenn Rhee

Steven Yeun’s Glenn Rhee is one of the most beloved characters in the entirety of The Walking Dead, whose love story with Lauren Cohan’s Maggie Greene is a highlight of the show’s early seasons. Glenn is tragically killed, however, in the first episode of season 7, when Negan chooses to take a second victim during his infamous lineup.

Glenn’s death is perhaps the most divisive in the entire series, with many fans pointing to his departure as the moment that the series began to decline in quality. However, the current showrunners behind The Walking Dead may allay some of this tension in the fanbase by including one more cameo from the fan-favorite character in the show’s final episodes. It may prove to be the very last time that viewers will get to see the beloved character.

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