10 Personal Care Items For People Who Work At Home

With the Covid-19 lockdowns having more people working from home permanently, working conditions have changed drastically for professionals. Working from home can change the balance of self-care and work since the work environment is inescapable, and it seems easier to keep working when it is time for a well-earned break.

That being said, there are plenty of devices to aid in relaxation, and people who are sitting most of the day need personal care items to help with back pain and stiff muscles. With the holidays fast approaching, these gadgets make the perfect gift for loved ones who are remote workers or for those who need a helping hand when it comes to unwinding and resetting for the next busy day.


Under-Desk Peddler

Under the Desk Peddler in white and black

Staying active while working from home can be a challenge, but with more people working remotely, more gadgets are on the market aimed at getting exercise in while working without much effort.

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Take the under-desk peddler, for example. This gadget comes in many shapes, sizes, and levels of complexity, but all help with blood circulation and help get the body moving throughout the day rather than remaining stationary. These machines make little to no noise, so work isn’t disrupted and easily stored as all models fit under a standard desk.

Massage Gun

Black Massage Gun with Case

Massage guns are an excellent gift for those who have stiff muscles and need a quick fix so they can return to working comfortably or use them at the end of the day to aid with more comfortable sleep and relaxation.

Massage guns can work out any knot or sore spot in a few treatments. Their wide price range and numerous attachments make great gifts for everyone, and they are also small enough that they can be stored in a desk drawer, so they are never far when they are needed at the office, whether at home or the office.

Robo Cleaners

iRobot Roomba 694

Electronics that will clean a house without any human labor required are great gifts for remote workers since their living space and workspace are all the same. The iRobot Roomba 694 is a highly favored model for its innovative floor detection and ability to focus on the dirtier areas of the floor, taking the guesswork out of cleaning but also making more time for self-care and relaxation since the cleaning is done while people are working.

This takes one task off their to-do list and keeps their space clean, leading to a stress-free work environment and a less overwhelming end of the day.

Under Desk Treadmill

Cropped Woman walking on an under the desk treadmill

Like the under-the-desk peddler, the desk treadmill aims to increase the level of activity remote workers get while taking up the least amount of space possible but adds a more intense level of exercise.

The treadmills are made to be quiet and compact, so they don’t impact productivity and can be placed in small spaces like apartments or under tables, depending on the workspace. This device can be used as an all-day exercise or once in a while when a person’s legs start to get stiff, or it seems impossible to sit through another second of a Zoom meeting.

Eye Massager

Renpho Eye Massager with headband

Eye strain is a problem for those who work from home on a computer all day, but an eye massager can help alleviate the strain and reduce headaches. This can be used after work or during breaks to keep the eyes from being overworked.

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Most models come with different settings. Hence, treatments are customizable depending on whether the massager is used for sleep or a quick massage to keep the day going. Some models play music or connect to phones, so soothing music can be added for a more spa-like experience.

Gaming Headset

Three gaming headsets, two black and one white, are pictured surrounded by money signs.
Three gaming headsets, two black and one white, are pictured surrounded by money signs.

Gaming headsets may seem like an expensive and impractical gift for remote workers. But they are perfect for people who have to talk in Zoom meetings and need good audio quality and comfortable headphones.

Some of the most budget-friendly gaming headsets come with microphones and prioritize comfort and sound, which is great for long hours of wear, whether to conduct a meeting or listen to music or podcasts while working. Of course, they can also be used for gaming, making them the perfect dual-purpose gift.

Heated Coaster

Black Mug on White Heated Coaster with Cord

There is nothing worse than going to take a sip of coffee and realizing that it has gone cold, but with a heated coaster, that is no longer a problem. There are many models of heated coasters ranging from cordless to timers, and even ones with fun designs and patterns to match any home office decor.

The coasters are small enough not to get in the way but fit large mugs and keep the liquid hot all-day, so hot beverages are never wasted. This simple gift can alleviate a problem that makes the work a little easier. A drink is suitable for colder climates but can be used in any home where hot beverages are drunk on a daily basis.

Blue Light Screen Protector

Blue Light Screen Protector reflecting light away from eye

According to UC Davis Health, blue light has been proven to put a strain on eyes which can lead to remote workers experiencing tired eyes that can trigger headaches after long hours of work, but a blue light screen protector can fix this problem and doesn’t require getting a new computer monitor.

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A blue light monitor can be placed on top of any screen instantly, making it easier to look at for long periods, but it can help with sleep patterns increasing productivity since sleep cycles are less interrupted and restorative sleep is more easily achieved. Overall, this quick fit could significantly impact at-home workers and anyone who works with a computer.

Writing App Subscription

Laptop shortcuts

While there are many free apps to improve writing, some come at a monthly cost which can add up over the year, so gifting a subscription can help with the quality of work being put out and remove some financial strain.

Even if the person receiving the subscription isn’t a writer by trade, it can help workers who put together presentations often or pen important emails to potential clients without the stress of typos or poor word choice. An annual subscription doesn’t take up space and is excellent for people with limited space or is hard to buy since they already have everything they need.

Automated Blinds

Smart blinds closing by themselves

Things that help automate a home, making it a smart home, are great gifts for people who are already tech-savvy and work from home but don’t have the highest levels of tech in their workspace. Lighting is essential for any space, whether it be the right choice in bulb or something more decor-based like automated blinds, which are often overlooked when upgrading a home.

Automated blinds can be voice commanded or controlled by remote, which makes it easy for remote workers to stay at their desks to adjust the lighting in their space, whether it is to remove glare on screens or create the perfect ambiance for a video call or a more chill workspace.

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