1000 HP Hellephant V8 Swapped Chrysler 300 Is An SRTuxedo

If there’s one thing Youtube teaches us over and over again; The People can do anything the major car companies can do, and then some. People turn Dodge Chargers into pickup trucks, Camaros into dune buggies, and cram whatever big displacement V8 they can into ‘slow cars’. And today we’d like to turn your attention to the Hellephant 300: a Chrysler 300 sedan with, you guessed it, a 1,000 horsepower supercharged V8 under the hood.

Hellephant and 300 Are A Beautiful Combo

Youtuber Khal_SRT built his own take on a modern Chrysler 300 SRT. Simple enough of an idea. But instead of putting a standard issue 6.2L Hellcat crate engine in it, he went above and beyond convention, and chose the 1,000 HP Hellephant V8 – the most powerful crate engine available from Mopar, let alone Ford or Chevrolet – and proceeded to go Snake hunting.

The 7.0 liter supercharged V8 originally debuted at SEMA 2018, and they were sold for $29,995 a pop. Expensive, yes, but Mopar had to close pre orders in two days due to the amount of labor that goes into the hand-built engines. Their demand couldn’t be more apparent.

How fast is it? Well, scrolling through Khal_SRT’s Instagram, you can see videos of people attempting to race him on straightaways, only for the Hellephant 300 to go semi lengths ahead in less than 3 seconds. Ridiculous power comes with great responsibility. 

Note: We at MC&T love racing. Just not on public roads. Take it to the track, bro.

Due to its ludicrous power, the Hellphant Chrysler 300 looks like it needs a bit of tuning and adjustment to get it running just right. Meaning, it’s gonna need quite a few highway pulls to get those number looking *click* real nice.

Say Goodbye to the 300

Since nixing the 300 SRT8 in 2015, Chrysler has been without a performance vehicle in every segment. Chrysler only makes the 300 and minivans now, with the brand looking to have a full reboot in a few years. It’s almost guaranteed that we’ll never see a performance 300 quite like the SRT8, as Chrysler is rumored to be discontinuing its only sedan after 2023, and moving towards pure electrification. It will be up to independent builders to make the most of the LX Platform Chrysler 300 going forward.

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