1004 HP Camaro Z/28 Starts Up, Runs, Drives, Makes The Best Noises

Muscle car fans near and far have more than likely taken notice of the 1,004 horsepower SEMA Show Camaro Z/28 build created by Hoonigan and Chevrolet Performance. Few, however, have actually heard it fire up, and fewer still have seen it drive. Under the power of the ZZ632 10.4L Big Block V8 crate engine that was announced ahead of the 2021 SEMA Show, the Hoonigan Camaro Z/28 can be seen in the video below taking to the streets for the first time, albeit without the front clip attached. But front clips aren’t responsible for Big Block V8 noises, so it’s fine.

If you’re on speedrun mode, fast forward to about the 10:55 mark in the video. This. Thing. Sounds. Amazing. And let’s all take a second to chuckle at the “closed street, do not attempt” caption. Lawyers, man. Lawyers.

Halfway through the Hoonigan Camaro test drive, an entire crew of construction workers stopped working to check out what the noise was. So it goes when your car is packing 1,004 peak horsepower at 6,600 RPM. And that’s without any assistance of turbochargers or superchargers (looking at you, Hellephant).


All in all, the ZZ632 Hoonigan Camaro Z/28 build was a success by the squad, whom admit toward the end of the video that they were adding final touches to the vehicle itself up until the moment it rolled onto the SEMA show floor. In the video, the team also gawk and reflect on the build themselves sharing several easter eggs provided by Chevrolet Performance designers. One of which includes a very subtle nod to Hoonigan and Chevy’s partnership with the team: a very special emblem that blends the iconic thid-gen Camaro badge with an “H” integrated in its design.

If you want your own ZZ632 crate engine, they are available for order, although you’ll pay a pretty penny for it.

Hoonigan Chevrolet Camaro ZZ632 Big Block V8 SEMA Show 2021
Image copyright Manoli Katakis, Muscle Cars & Trucks.

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