1967 Ford Bronco Turned Into A Supercharged Chevy-Powered Hot Rod

Amid all the hype over Ford’s new lineup of off-road-oriented 2021 Bronco models, this incredible 1967 Bronco “Pro Street” stands out in Mecum’s lineup at its upcoming Monterey auction. What sets this hot rod apart from its trail-riding kin is, well, everything about it.

Image credit: Mecum

This first-generation 1967 Ford Bronco has been rebuilt from the ground up with a new purpose in mind: going really fast on the open road. This mission is easily accomplished by ditching the stock powertrain entirely and dropping a massive (and massively sacrilegious) 502ci Chevrolet crate engine in its place, paired with a GM Turbo 400 automatic transmission. The Big Block Chevrolet V8 powerplant, which produces 461 HP out of the factory, has been modified to likely double that number. The builder added a Comp camshaft, ported and polished Brodix heads, and dual Demon Performance carburetors. On top of all this, a magnificent Childs and Albert supercharger stands tall through a cut in the hood.

Did we mention this isn’t a rendering?

Bronco Pro Street engine
Credit: Mecum Auctions

Definitely Not For The Trail

Everything about this ride evokes visions of long stretches of blacktop, a departure from the dirt-covered destiny of its Bronco brethren. The road warrior’s internals rest atop a custom Art Morrison chassis and a totally overhauled suspension system, complete with a 4-link rear kit and spindles lifted from Ford’s infamous Mustang II. Baer disc brakes are equipped on all four wheels to bring the Bronco Pro Street back down to earth.

1967 Ford Bronco Pro Street Hot Rod Mecum Auction

Performance And Luxury

While we’ve talked about the close attention paid to performance, the 1967 Ford Bronco Pro Street is also well-suited for a comfortable ride. The car’s interior was redesigned by M&M Interior of Alabama, and features a custom piston shifter on the floor along with alligator hide inserts. A Sony CD stereo system powers road tunes, for those who still have CDs lying around the house.

Every inch of this 1967 Ford Bronco has been meticulously redesigned and replaced with new and better parts, raising an important question: is this really still a Bronco?

This and many more lots will be open for bidding August 12-14th at Mecum Monterey 2021.

Ford Bronco Pro Street Interior
Credit: Mecum Auctions

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