2004 Chevrolet Silverado Has Over 1000 Horsepower, 10 Wheels

Some people believe just two wheels are plenty, others four. Some even opt to have six, which certainly has some benefits. But what if you want ten? Well then, this 2004 Chevrolet Silverado listed for sale by Gateway Classic Cars has you covered. The truck features double dually rear axles and a twin-turbo, big-block V8 that produces way over 1,000 horsepower. So if the Ford F-150 Raptor or Ram TRX are considered truck bosses, this is undoubtedly the final boss.

2004 Chevy Silverado Double Dually: Details

According to The Drive, the truck started as a dedicated Bonneville race car hauler for performance intake manufacturer Spectre. However, at some point down the line, it became a canvas for the craziest ideas someone could think up. The front end was swapped from a second-generation Cadillac Escalade, obviously, and the interior is garnished with leather and Kenwood audio. Its suspension has been replaced by airbags, it features 22-inch Brentz wheels, and we can’t forget the big-block V8 under the hood.

2004 Chevrolet Silverado Double Dually Engine

The donor engine started with a 500 cubic-inch (8.2-liter) big block, but then it was expanded to 529 cubic inches (8.7 liters). The engine was then modified so that it could accept a pair of Garrett turbochargers, which altogether can produce an estimated output of 1,425 horsepower and 1,671 lb-ft of torque. For comparison’s sake, that is almost as much horsepower as a Bugatti Chiron with nearly 500 lb-ft more torque. Connected to the engine is a five-speed Allison heavy-duty automatic transmission and a pair of rear axles, both with dually setups.

In order to accommodate eight wheels on two axles, custom modifications were made to the frame, which included elongated fender flares and expanding its wheel walls. The final result is a Chevrolet Silverado that is exceptionally long. Going off of the photos, the vehicle doesn’t appear to have four-wheel drive, which means it’s likely rear-drive only. It’s hard to say if the truck can tow much since there might not be much weight over the rear axle. However, eight tires in the rear probably make a significant difference. The 2004 Chevrolet Silverado is being sold for $65,000.

2004 Chevrolet Silverado Double Dually

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