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2022’s Top ‘Zoomer’ Rental Hot Spots

2022’s Top ‘Zoomer’ Rental Hot Spots | Realtor Magazine

Gen Z is helping to lead the comeback to big cities. Its members’ renting activity is double that of other age groups, according to a new analysis of 3.2 million rental applications from RentCafe. “Zoomers,” as they have been nicknamed, are now the most active renter generation and comprise more than a quarter of apartment seekers nationwide.

As they hunt for job opportunities and vibrant social scenes, they’re leading a comeback to places like San Francisco, which logged the largest increase in Zoomer applications year over year and which ranked as the trendiest city in the country for Gen Z residents, according to the study. Financial centers along the East Coast are also capturing more attention from Gen Z, such as Jersey City, N.J., and Manhattan. Also, Davis, Calif., known as a college town, is home to the largest overall share of Gen Z renters.


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