2TB Samsung 870 QVO SSD Hits New $179 Low

It’s been less than a year since Samsung took another step into the world of QLC drives with the 870 QVO, a 2.5 inch SSD that’s got higher capacity and slightly improved performance over typical SATA drives. Now the 870 QVO has hit a new low price, with the 2TB version specifically costing just $179.

Samsung 870 QVO: was $219, now $179 at Amazon
The Samsung 870 QVO is a 2.5 inch QLC SSD that connects over SATA and boasts sequential read/write speeds of 560/520 MBps. The 2TB version is rated for 720 TB worth of endurance.View Deal

This new deal gives you a price of about 9 cents per gigabyte. On top of that, you get a 3 year warranty, AES-256 encryption and a software suite for easily migrating files and monitoring your SSD’s status.

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