5 Trending Styles To Wear Original Chinos for Any Occasion

Men’s styles have changed in fashion over the years and when it comes to trousers, there has been a substantial change through the decades. Initially, trousers were used as part of a military garment. Throughout the 14th century, they developed into tight trousers that were used by knights underneath their plated armour.

Fast-forward to the 1800s and in 1890, the zipper was born. This made way for more innovation and by the late 19th century, jeans dominated the market. More recently, we’ve seen chinos become a newfound favourite for many men in the western world.

In this article, we’ll explore the different types of trousers and what makes original chinos different. There will also be five trending styles to wear chinos and the occasions for which this type of trouser is suitable for.

What makes original chinos different to other trousers?

What makes chinos different from other trousers? In the case of khaki pants for example, these are made out of coloured cotton twill whereas chinos are a bit dressier than Khakis in general and often come in different colours.

For jeans, some jeans are often more casual than chinos which can be used with more formal attire like suit jackets for example. With your standard office trousers, they’re more formal whereas chinos can feel a little more relaxed and are often a little more fitted.

Five trending styles to wear chinos for any occasion

How do men style chinos? Well, there’s a variety of ways that chinos can be styled when it comes to men’s fashion. Whether it’s finding ways on how to wear chinos casually or dressing them up for smart occasions, here are five trending styles worth knowing.

1. Wear with a clean white top for a casual look.

Clean white tops or any coloured top for that matter can go really well with chinos when trying to achieve a casual style for your outfit. This crisp white top can be ideal for summer when it’s slightly too cold for shorts and chinos are a lighter option than heavy jeans.

5 Trending Styles To Wear Original Chinos for Any Occasion - Wear with a clean white top for a casual look!

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They’re an alternative that works really well when looking at what to wear with male chinos.

2. Style with a blazer and long-sleeved shirt.

For cooler occasions where long-sleeved shirts and suit jackets or blazers are needed, chinos work very well with this combination. It’s a smart option that isn’t too casual in comparison to suit trousers.

5 Trending Styles To Wear Original Chinos for Any Occasion - Style with a blazer and long-sleeved shirt!

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As chinos come in a range of colours, you’ll easily find the right match to go with any suit jacket or blazer in your wardrobe.

3. Open-button linen shirts and sandals.

When on holiday, linen shirts are a great way to keep cool during those warm evenings.

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Chinos are stylish and light enough to pair up with smart shoes, but when you’re on your holidays, they go very well with any type of sandal.

4. Pair with a graphic tee and sunglasses for a smart-casual look.

Smart and casual can work together and a graphic tee with sunglasses is a great mix to combine with some chinos. You may want to elevate the look with some brogues or keep it casual with a pair of trainers.

5 Trending Styles To Wear Original Chinos for Any Occasion - Pair with a graphic tee and sunglasses for a smart-casual look!

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Chinos are versatile with a range of different shoes being worn whereas some trousers and jeans may not be able to pull off certain footwear. Graphic tees are one of the many tops to wear with chinos. This is a great style if you’re looking at how to wear chinos casually.

5. Crew-neck or turtle-neck jumpers and Chelsea boots.

A classic style for anyone in the UK during the cooler months is a crew neck jumper or a turtle-neck depending on your preference. Pair these up with your favourite Chelsea boots and any colour chinos you desire. Depending on the jumper, this can be a laid-back casual look or it can be a fairly smart-casual style.

5 Trending Styles To Wear Original Chinos for Any Occasion - Crew-neck or turtle-neck jumpers and Chelsea boots!

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Chinos are a great way to make your wardrobe more versatile but without having to buy or invest in a variety of different clothes. Being more sustainable is important especially when it comes to fast fashion. The newest generations are supporting brands and businesses that are doing more to be eco-conscious.

Are chinos fashionable? Of course! They can be worn throughout the year, come rain or shine and they offer versatility no matter what the occasion may be.

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