5 ways to defend a home from intruders with Swann Security

(Pocket-lint) – Swann Security is one of the world’s leading brands for home security systems. Swann Security offers a comprehensive suite of interconnected devices that can protect your home from numerous threats, such as intruders and leaks. The security system includes motion cameras, leak sensors, window/ door sensors, video doorbell cameras, security cameras, and more. All Swann Security cameras can communicate with each other and send push notifications to your smartphone, so you always know what’s happening in your home when you’re away.

But to maximize the security system’s potential, you must select the correct devices. This article describes how to defend your home from intruders with Swann Security.

Automatically record intruders with Swann Xtreem Security Camera’s heat and motion sensors

Swann Xtreem Security Camera is an essential device for all security systems. It’s a 100% wireless security camera that captures 1080p HD videos and stores them in a 16GB micro SD card. The Xtreem camera is equipped with True Detect, an innovative heat and motion sensing feature that sends intelligent motion alerts based on heat signature and motion. Since it combines motion sensors with heat detection, it eliminates false alarms caused by wind movements and other inanimate objects.

The Swann Xtreem security camera also features an inbuilt microphone that allows you to greet guests, talk to pets, and, most importantly, warn intruders. Most intruders and burglars only target homes they think are unoccupied. Once you’re notified about a potential break-in, you can activate the microphone to warn the intruders. You can let them know you’re sending the cops or recording them, which should be enough to scare them off.

Swann Xtreem is just £119.99 at the moment, instead of £179.99.

Receive notifications whenever someone approaches your door with SwannBuddy Video Doorbell

SwannBuddy Video Doorbell allows you to receive timely notifications whenever someone approaches your door. The video doorbell captures 1080p videos with a powerful vertical view, allowing you to see packages and capture the potential intruder’s entire profile. The video doorbell camera also features a 110° wide-angle lens that allows you to visualize the surrounding regions and see potential intruders who might try to skirt past the door. Once you’re notified about potential intruders, you can use the microphone to warn them off. SwannBuddy has a huge discount down to just £99.99 right now, down from £169.99.

Receive alerts when someone’s at your window or door with Swann Window/ Door Alert Sensors

Swann Security has a comprehensive range of WiFi alert sensors. But the Swann Window/ Door Alert Sensors are the most useful at defending your home from intruders. The window/ door sensor is a magnetic device that can be attached to your doors or windows via adhesives. Whenever someone opens or closes the door/ window, the magnetic connection gets disconnected, which releases an instant notification. You receive instant notifications when someone tries breaking into your home through doors or windows. The sensors can now be picked up for just £34.99 instead of £57.99.

Ward off potential intruders with Swann Indoor Siren

Swann Indoor Siren is one of the most powerful tools in your smart security system, and is now just £29.99 down from £49.99. You only need one indoor siren to ward off all potential intruders from your home. You can combine the siren with any or all other Swann security devices, including the video doorbell, motion alerts, security cameras, and window/ door alerts. Whenever one of the alerts is triggered, the siren automatically releases loud siren sounds, which can make even the most hardened criminals run for the hills.

Protect your home with Swann Master Series Enforcer

The Swann Master Series Enforcer is a comprehensive bundle of smart security devices. This bundle includes four 4K Ultra HD video cameras and an 8-channel NVR with a 2 terabyte hard drive. You can install the video cameras at four primary points of entry, including the areas overlooking the doors and windows. The security cameras feature heat and motion sensors, inbuilt microphones, and the ability to detect people on cameras. This is one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive security systems available.

If someone manages to break into your home without triggering other alerts, the Master Series Enforcer will undoubtedly capture the footage. It automatically saves up to 12 months of footage onto the 2-terabyte hard drive, so you don’t need to worry about running out of space. You can monitor your home from halfway across the globe. The Swann Master Series Enforcer is originally priced at £629.99, but you can currently get it at the discounted price of only £379.99.

Swann Security allows you to customize the ideal security system for your home, consisting of video cameras, video doorbells, sirens, window/ door alerts, and more. Go on holiday this summer knowing your friendly neighbourhood burglar doesn’t stand a chance against your home security system.

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