6 Expert Advice for Customizing Umrah Package

Umrah Package

‍With so many Umrah packages, it can take time to figure out where to start. Should you go for a general package that covers the essentials or something more customized to your needs? And if the latter, how do you find a reputable partner with an affordable price and a trustworthy Umrah travel agency

Read on for expert advice on customizing your Umrah package. Umrah is one of the most rewarding experiences in our lives as Muslims. 

Research Your Requirements First

You have likely seen multiple Umrah packages out there. This might make you feel it’s easy to go for any of them. However, you must do your research first. You need to consider various things here. For instance, you will need to know how long you want your Umrah journey to last. You also need to know which places you want to visit and which languages you prefer for your Umrah guide.

Go for a Fully Customized Package

Now that you know what you want from your Umrah experience, it is time to go for a fully customized package. This means you need to go for an Umrah tour operator that offers fully customized Umrah packages. You can find a list of Umrah tour operators here. Umrah tour operators that offer fully customized Umrah packages allow you to choose from various services and features. These features can vary from one operator to another. Therefore, you must find the Umrah tour operator that offers the best services and features you want for your Umrah journey. Sometimes, you may have to go for a fully customized Umrah package if you want to travel to Makkah and Madinah.

Choose the Accommodation You Want To Stay In

Once you’ve gone for a fully customized Umrah package, it’s time to pick the type of accommodation you want to stay in. The accommodation you pick will depend on several factors. For instance, you need to know how many days you plan to stay in each place and your ideal daily itinerary. Once you know this, you can pick the type of accommodation accordingly. You can choose between staying in a hotel, a Makkah hostel, and a Madina hostel. The types of accommodation available are just a few examples. Your budget and needs must be taken into consideration when choosing one. In some cases, you might be able to negotiate the hotel’s or hostel’s price.

Pick Your Ideal Departure Date

Even though you might want a fully customized Umrah package, you need to pick your ideal departure date. This will help you choose the cheapest Umrah package as well. The Umrah season varies from year to year. These seasons affect your travel costs in different ways. For instance, accommodation, transportation, and other services will be higher during the peak seasons. Pick the ideal departure date for your Umrah journey accordingly. This can help you save money and make your experience truly satisfying.

Select Your Desired Travel Companions

When it comes to Umrah, you might travel with family members or friends. In some cases, you might travel alone. No matter who you travel with, it is important that you select your travel companions wisely. This can make or break your Umrah experience. Pick travel companions who are honest and trustworthy. Also, please make sure that they are people you get along with. This can make your Umrah journey a lot more fun and memorable.

Decide on the Meals You Want To Feast On

One of the most common questions regarding Umrah is what they should eat in Makkah and Madina. While every Umrah package comes with a predetermined meal plan, a few services offer a la carte meals. The predetermined meal plan is designed to cater to everybody’s needs. However, if you go for a la carte meals, you can customize your Umrah experience even further. You can choose the type of food you want and the portion size. You can even choose the time when you want to have your meals. 


Umrah is one of the most rewarding experiences in our lives as Muslims. After all, we are leaving behind everything – including our loved ones – to seek the pleasure of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala (glorified and exalted). That is why every Muslim who can perform this great act of worship should do so at least once in their lifetime.

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