650 Chevrolet Camaro Is Lifted, Uses Hummer Axles, Can Crabwalk

Check out the Honky Donk Mud-Maro, an insane mudslinger that marries the body of a first-gen Chevrlolet Camaro with the chassis of a Hummer H1. Someone call GMC Hummer EV chief engineer Al Oppenheiser because this thing is what dreams are made of.

It was built for mud drag racing and is powered by an E85 fuelled 650 hp LS1 engine from CBM Motorsports with a 76mm Precision turbo, and a 100-shot of nitrous. According to the owner, Chris Highman, the chassis was purchased from craigslist for $1,800, while the ratty Camaro body shell was found for a further $50.

The H1 chassis proved a perfect starting point for a high-powered off-road monster considering the original HumVee came stock with Dana 20 diffs, fully independent suspension, and portal drop axles, enabling a higher ground clearance. Highman also installed an Atlas rock crawler style transfer case which allows power to be sent to all four wheels, just the rear wheels, or just the front wheels should it be necessary.

The H1 chassis isn’t completely stock, there’s custom suspension work along with the addition of a PFC rear-steer kit that enables the Honkey Donk Mud-Maro to crab walk like the new GMC Hummer EV dreamed up by Oppenheiser and the rest of his Hummer team at General Motors. Unlike the Hummer’s digitized crab walk controls, the Camaro’s side shuffle is manually enabled by a cockpit-mounted joystick. None of this work would have been possible without the insanely over-engineered H1 chassis, all it took to get the truck to crab walk was the removal of a tie-rod on each side.

In fact, the boosted LS1 actually sits offset in the engine bay because the front diff is now centered. The centered front diff allows the Honky Donk Mud-Maro to use Hummer rear axles in all four corners, otherwise, the H1 originally used three different sizes of half shafts–including the extremely unreliable short driver’s side front shaft that would often experience failure because of extreme angles being placed on it.

Because of the all-wheel-steering, the Honky Donk Mud-Maro is capable of insanely tight donuts just like your favorite monster truck. This off-road Camaro truck was assembled in just 30 days, and it cost just $10,000 to build. By the time it debuted at the pre-pandemic LS Fest in 2019, it had already been running around for 4 years.

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