727 HP Chevy Big Block V8 Barstool Wants You To Take A Seat

Taking one look at this wondrous yet horrifying contraption will give those with short life expectancies a massive smile upon their faces. In contrast, those with a touch of sanity may feel fearful. This barstool affixed to a monstrous Chevy big-block 572 cubic-inch V8 engine that has enough power to put a 1980s Formula 1 car behind you is likely the craziest thing anyone could drive.

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Chevy Big Block Barstool: Details

Motorized barstools aren’t anything new; however, most of them are powered by small lawnmower engines with less than 5 horsepower. But the desire to go fast knows no bounds, and lawnmower engines were replaced with car engines. So taking things to the extreme, this Hoss Fly Barstool is placed atop a 727 horsepower Chevy V8. To be clear, Hoss Fly doesn’t make motorized barstools. For obvious reasons, it’s too dangerous, and there’s always the risk of getting sued. So instead, they offer DIY kits for people to make them themselves.

Pricing ranges from $8,900 to $10,900 and comes with tubular steel frames, four wheels, the steering wheel, and a steering system. The barstool attaches to the top of the air filter, automatic transmission, and fuel tank. But the customer needs to provide the engine, and that depends entirely on how much they value their life.

Chevy Big Block Barstool

While the number of kits Hoss Fly has sold is unclear, along with how many drivable barstools are sitting in people’s garages, these things pop up at auctions from time to time. This particular Big Block Deluxe was found at Mecum. The entire build is complete, and all the buyer needs to do with the 9.4-liter V8 is affix themselves to the seat and speed their way to an early grave. Or, of course, keep it around as a conversation piece.

The entire thing weighs around 780 lbs which means there’s an enormous power to weight ratio of over 2,050 horsepower per tonne. This motorized barstool could very well compete against a Formula 1 car in a drag race. However, we don’t recommend taking corners at high speeds.

Chevy Big Block Barstool

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