9 Best places to buy cardboard boxes in 2021

CARDBOARD boxes are one of those household items that we seem to always have in abundance – except when we really need them.

From moving house to storing papers, cardboard boxes are an absolute essential for organising – and we’ve rounded up the best places to buy them online now.

The fact they’re reusable and easy to recycle makes cardboard boxes a handy item to have around the house.

Cardboard boxes have multiple uses: first and foremost, they’re essential for moving, but many also use them for a variety of storage needs (from clothing to paper). They’re handy for crafts and games for little ones – turn one into a boat or a castle turret for an afternoon of pretend play.

Cardboard boxes with carry handles can also be used to carry food items, like fruit and vegetables. Many also like to have a small supply on hand for posting items and care packages to friends and loved ones.

In the past, people used to head to their local supermarket to request cardboard boxes (and they were free). These days, it’s a lot easier to order them online, particularly if you require several – you just need to know where to go to stock up.

From Amazon to Davpack, we’ve rounded up the best places to buy cardboard boxes in 2021.

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  1. (AD) Direct Global Trading 10 Extra Large Cardboard Boxes, for £32.99 at Amazon – buy here
  2. (AD) Shop all Amazon cardboard boxes – click here

From moving boxes to mailing boxes, Amazon is your first port of call when you need to stock up on cardboard boxes online.

Look out for brands including Direct Global Trading, StorePAK and Bankers Box, which are all well-rated and well-priced.

Direct Global Trading’s Extra Large boxes are ideal for house moves, with a room tick list printed on the side and a massive 115l capacity.

Better yet, the double-walled cardboard boxes also include a roll of fragile tape, black marker pen and five large printed fragile stickers so you have everything you need in one set. There’s even a Yorkshire tea bag included as a thoughtful treat.


  • StorePAK Multi-use Archive Storage Boxes, 10 for £24 at Argos – buy here
  • Shop all Argos cardboard boxes – click here

Whether you’re looking to store craft items or archive paperwork, Argos has a handy selection of cardboard boxes that are ideal for all of your storage needs.

Argos stocks cardboard boxes from StorePAK, and you’ll find a range of sizes and quantities of these stackable boxes available.

This set of recyclable boxes is described as ‘very good value’, ‘easy to assemble’ and ‘roomy’.


  • Flat brown postal boxes, from £0.30p at Rajapack – buy here
  • Shop all Rajapack cardboard boxes – click here

For the most comprehensive selection of cardboard boxes, Rajapack is undoubtedly the place to shop – at amazing value.

You’ll find single and double-walled moving and storage boxes, postal boxes, cardboard bottle boxes for beer and wine and cardboard boxes in all different shapes and sizes (tubes, telescopic, etc).

With prices starting at sub-£0.25p per box (you typically need to buy in larger quantities, of 25, 50 and up), it’s also good value for money.

Post Office

  • Single Wall 178mm x 178mm x 178mm Cardboard Boxes, 25 for £11.16 at Post Office – buy here
  • Shop all Post Office cardboard boxes – click here

If you need cardboard boxes for mailing, then the Post Office offers a vast selection in different sizes and levels of durability.

You’ll also find archive storage and removal boxes.


  • Large moving boxes, 5 for £19.21 at Davpack – buy here
  • Shop all Davpack cardboard boxes – click here

You won’t find a more comprehensive selection of cardboard boxes in one place than at Davpack, from large moving boxes for packing up the house to cheap, single-walled storage boxes.

Davpack also has archive boxes for documents, bottle packaging, postal boxes, pallet boxes and more.


  • Wilko moving kit, £36 from Wilko – buy here
  • Shop all Wilko boxes here

If you’re moving home, and you want a selection of different size boxes for a one to two-bedroom home, then it has to be Wilko.

The boxes are all eco-friendly and recyclable and the pack comes with bubble wrap, tape and a marker pen, so you never have to guess what’s inside again.

Packaging 2 Buy

  • Pack of 20 355 x 260 mm boxes, £19.80, from Packaging 2 Buy – buy here
  • Shop all Packaging 2 Buy here

If you need large heavy-duty boxes then Packagaging 2will deliver. Ideal for fragile items or heavy pieces, they have double walls to keep them extremely sturdy.

The outside of them has a smooth finish and are easy to store when flat.


  • 15 medium boxes, £26.40, from Schott – buy here
  • Shop all Schott items here

It is possible to make moving a little bit easier if you can make the packing simple. Enter Schott. An ideal solution if you are moving a small flat or from a house share.

The double-walled boxes are secure and easy to seal thanks to the roll of bubble wrap and tape that comes in the pack.


  • Niceday boxes x 10, £20.49, from Viking Direct – buy here

These value moving boxes from Niceday are perfect for office moves, storing small to medium items or general storage.

With a secure lid and built-in handles, they are easy to transport and will keep your documents clean and safe.

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