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Ford took a gamble on leveraging a legendary performance nameplate to repurpose as an electric vehicle, this creating 2022 F-150 Lightning all electric pickup truck. But the gamble seems to be paying off, however. According to a recently released sales report, the electric pickup truck holds 150,000 reservations, some of which, 75-percent, to be exact, would be first time F-150 owners, according to Ford Motor Company. That’s 90,000 reservation holders.

By comparison, Ford sold nearly 790,000 conventional F-150 trucks in 2020.

2022 Ford F-150 Electric Pickup Truck EV
Image via Ford

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup Truck: A Standout In A Sea Of Upstarts

Ford and its F- series have been America’s choice in vehicles for quite a while now, making such a change to its lineup has come as a big shock but people are on board. Ford is the first of the major U.S. automakers to release an all electric pickup truck, and while there are skeptics, the brand and overall confidence the nation has in the F-series seems to be working in the favor of the Lightning. Across town, companies like General Motors and Stellantis are working around the clock to develop electric trucks of their own, if not for anything other than to get Joe Biden to drive them.

In addition, the Rivian R1T is reaching customers now, and is priced at $27,526 more than a base Ford F-150 Lightning. Tesla is still working out kinks on the Cybertruck.

The Base model F-150 Lighting starts out at $39,974, which Ford CEO Jim Farley thinks is too much and is already trying to work out ways to lower that price by taking a closer look at the manufacturing process. The higher end models vary in price with the Platinum model reaching $90,000. It should be noted that Ford only gives us the ability to reserve the 2022 all electric truck per their website, by putting down a $100 refundable reservation fee. It will be up to the array of dealers across the nation to convert these reservations into actual orders which are expected to begin this fall with first shipments going out in spring of 2022.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup Truck
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