A Closer Look At The New P703 T6.2 Pickup Truck

While all the details about the US-Canadian-spec T6.2 Ford Ranger are still unofficial, the recently revealed global model – spearheaded by Ford Australia – gives us a sneak peak at what we can come to expect once it makes its way stateside sometime in 2022, where it will be built alongside the Ford Bronco at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, near Detroit Metro Airport. Today, we’re taking a closer look at some finalized design sketches of the new Ford Ranger, which lends a bit of insight on some of the themes that the design team was considering.

2023 2022 P703 P703N T6.2 T6 Ford Ranger Design
Rear Tail Light Design Sketches Of The New Ford Ranger. Image via Ford Motor Company
2022 2023 Ford Ranger P703N P703 T62 T6.2
Image via Ford Motor Company.

P703 Ford Ranger Design: A Detailed Look

The next-gen Ford Ranger also sports a new, and familiar headlight assembly and grill, featuring the C-Clamp style daytime running lights as seen on the 2021 F-150 and Maverick. In the rear, the Ranger features a new tailgate with “Ranger” stamped into it as well as LED or Halogen taillights. The tailgate can also feature a work surface that includes a ruler and cup holders as well as clamp pockets that feature spring loaded caps for when not in use. The bed of the next-gen Ranger features molded slots in the bed liner so as to allow you the ability to divide up the bed and stop items from sloshing around.

At first glance the Ranger looks to have a wider stance, and it does. Both the track and wheelbase grow by 2-inches.

Image via Ford Motor Company
2023 2022 P703 P703N T6.2 T6 Ford Ranger Design
Next-Gen Ford Ranger Headlight Design Proposals. Image via Ford

Inside, the next-gen Ford Ranger features some pretty cool aesthetics such as the massive standard 10.1 or optional 12-inch infotainment display as well as a fully digital customizable gauge cluster. There is also a new short-throw electronic shifter that clears up some space in the front row.

The specifics of what powertrains will be available in the United States are still unknown at this time, but we expect the 2.3L EcoBoost four cylinder and 10-speed automatic to stick around, while the next-generation Ranger Raptor will likely offer a high-output EcoBoost six-cylinder.

The debut date of the American next-gen Ford Ranger is still unknown, while Europe will open its order books for the truck in late 2022. The truck is confirmed so far to be built in three countries: America, Argentina, and Thailand.

Next-Gen Ford Ranger eShifter design proposals. Image via Ford Motor Company

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