A Justice Leaguer Rejected Membership For The Most Heartbreaking Reason

The Justice League just offered a valued former member a spot on the team again, but they rejected the offer for the most heartbreaking reason.

Warning! Spoilers for Blue & Gold #1 below.

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are back together in Blue & Gold, but unfortunately, the Justice League only wants one of them to join the superteam. After helping save DC’s mightiest heroes after a group of aliens captured them, the Justice League offers Blue Beetle a spot on their roster. However, Ted Kord declines the membership after learning they won’t extend Booster Gold the same invite.

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold’s friendship is one of the best in comics, as the two different heroes initially teamed up in Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis’ excellent Justice League run. Booster Gold, a hero from the future who uses stolen tech to gain the public’s adoration, has always received mixed reviews from fellow superheroes. The Justice League often views Booster Gold as an attention seeker (he is) who cares more about how he appears to the public than doing the right thing. Blue Beetle, who uses his vast wealth to supply top-of-the-line tech, often serves as the straight-man, helping center Booster Gold’s arrogance – leading to a surprisingly effective tandem.

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In Blue & Gold #1 by Dan Jurgens, Ryan Sook, and Rob Leigh, Booster Gold enters the social media age as he live-streams his heroic efforts. In the issue, he tries to save the Justice League after a group of advanced tech aliens captured them. After Booster Gold struggles against the aliens, Skeets calls upon Blue Beetle for backup. Together, the heroes figure out how to free the Justice League, which seriously impresses the team. Booster Gold thinks the group “will beg us to join,” but the team only pulls Blue Beetle aside to offer him a spot.

Booster Gold Blue Beetle Justice League Membership

In a tragic moment, Blue Beetle initially believes the Justice League offers both him and Booster Gold a spot on a team. But, the Justice League says Booster is too “obnoxious,” “irritating,” and “lacking in substance.” Ted Kord rejects the Justice League and says Blue & Gold are a package deal. Blue Beetle then lies to Booster Gold and tells them they never offered a spot, saying the ranks were closed. In the moment, Blue Beetle shows he values his friendship with Booster Gold more than a spot on the Justice League and intentionally softens the blow to his friend by lying about getting a sole offer to join.

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold will always be connected. While they’ve long established themselves in the DC Universe as individual heroes, the pair have become a package deal as their friendship trumps all. Rejecting the Justice League and lying to Booster Gold had to be heartbreaking, but Blue Beetle did the right thing and stood by his closest friend. Blue & Gold #1 is in comic book stores now.

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