A woman is enraged after her cat regularly chooses her neighbours

Claws out! Mother who’s furious with a neighbour who keeps letting her cat into her home divides opinion – as some claim it’s ‘stealing’ but others argue that felines ‘choose where they want to live’

  • British woman took to Mumsnet whether her neighbours had stolen her cat 
  • She explained the cat had begun to stay over at their home instead of hers 
  • Said her pet actually preferred to stay at next door instead of her own home 
  • Other users were torn on whether the neighbours were in the wrong or not 

A British woman has divided opinion online after she accused her neighbours of stealing her cat – after the pet began staying over at their home regularly. 

The unnamed British woman took to Mumsnet to explain that her cat had started spending time at the house next door, and the neghbours dutifully let her pet in. 

However the mother said she had become upset after realising the cat actually preferred spending time at the other house, leaving her children upset.

But some users were shocked by her rant online, saying she was being ‘unfair’ by restricting the animal to stay at her home every night.  

A British woman has divided opinion online after she accused her neighbours of stealing her cat – after the pet began staying over at their home regularly (pictured, stock image) 

Explaining the situation the woman wrote: ‘Yes I know that cats are independent, will go where they want to go, have no loyalties etc

‘But a family local to me let my cat into their home every day. I can see him through their windows.

‘I understand how in warmer months this is difficult to avoid. But they are obviously letting him in.’

The anonymous mother continued: ‘I’ve spoken to them – at least three times – on the last occasion I specifically asked them (politely) to not open the door to him. 

The anonymous woman explained that her children were getting upset knowing the cat preferred  the neighbours house

‘My children are upset as cat has basically b******** off and has to be lured into ours with food! The neighbours have said they’re not feeding him.’

She finished her post by asking: ‘Am I being unreasonable to feel p*****d off about this and should I go round (again) to ask them to ignore my cat?

‘Or am I being precious (and at least they’re kind to him)?’

Some commenters were outraged that anyone would let a pet into their house and agreed that it is stealing.


Some commenters thought the cat owner was being too protective over an animal that didn’t want to be in her house

One person said: ‘So sick of hearing about people just coaxing local cats into their houses and not letting them out/feeding them like it’s theirs. Absolutely go back and tell them to not let them into their house again.’ 

Another agreed, saying: ‘This absolutely enrages me. Especially as they are very likely feeding the cat – that is the main reason cats move into other houses.’

A third person suggested putting in measures to keep the cat on their property: ‘Honestly I would be looking to cat proof the garden to keep the cat on your property. They are being massively unreasonable but clearly don’t see that.’ 

Others, however, thought it was odd to try to put limits on an animal that is fiercely independent and suggested that it wasn’t happy in the owners’ home.

One person said: ‘I think you are being a bit weird. Cats go where they like. If they’re not feeding him, they’re not trying to steal him.

‘It sounds like he prefers it there as he doesn’t get on with your other cat rather than anything they are doing.’

Meanwhile another agreed: ‘Cats choose where they want to live. If the cat really wanted to be with you it’d come home without having to be bribed by food.’  

A third person thought the same, saying: ‘Are your children always wanting to play/ annoy the cat? Maybe it needs time away? I would love for my cat to have a second home.’

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