Aaron Donald assault accuser recants, lawyer apologizes

The man who accused Los Angeles Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald of assault in an incident from last weekend has recanted his story, and his attorney issued an apology to the NFL superstar.

Joe Napsha and Megan Guza of reported the news on DeVincent Spriggs’ recanted accusations against Donald. Spriggs had the chance to review video footage and determined that Donald was not among those who were involved in assaulting him when an argument broke out at a nightclub in the Pittsburgh area.

In fact, even after Donald had his head grazed by an alcohol bottle that Spriggs swung at him, he still tried to protect him as a brawl broke out.

“I certainly extend an apology to Aaron for any problems this may have caused him. Aaron has certainly been through enough so we want to put this to rest,” said Spriggs’ lawyer Tom Hollis, per the report.

Donald’s attorney, Casey White, called Spriggs’ accusations a “money grab.”

Hollis said that he and his client were able to access a longer video of what occurred at the nightclub, as the initial footage they watched allegedly looked “spliced.”

Donald’s exoneration means he won’t face any disciplinary action from the NFL. The three-time Defensive Player of the Year has missed just two games in his seven-season career to date.

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