Acer’s 27-Inch 1440p Gaming Monitor Drops to Its Lowest Price Yet

Acer Nitro XV272U KVbmiiprzx

(Image credit: Acer, Tom’s Hardware)

Many 1080p gamers have been waiting for the day when they can graduate to 1440p without breaking the bank. We’ve long praised 1440p as a sweet spot for gamers seeking a sharp picture without requiring the ultimate GPU (which no one can buy right now anyway). With Amazon Prime Day here, the wait to shift to 1440p may be over, because Acer’s Nitro XV272U is cheaper than ever at $255.

In our Acer Nitro XV272U review, the IPS screen earned itself 4 stars. An accurate image before calibration and over 90% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space will help players get straight to gaming. The version we reviewed can go up to 170 Hz, but the 144 Hz version on sale here is still plenty of speed for serious gamers and one of the best gaming monitor deals we’ve seen today. 

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