AEON sustainable luxury toothbrush has a lifetime aluminum handle with bamboo brush heads » Gadget Flow

Say goodbye to replacing plastic toothbrushes every three months—throwing the old ones away to the landfill. Instead, use the AEON sustainable luxury toothbrush. With a lifetime aluminum handle that has an anodized finish, this toothbrush won’t corrode over time. Additionally, this long-lasting toothbrush also offers replaceable bamboo brush heads. Moreover, it boasts a sleek design that’s great for at-home and on-the-go use. In fact, it even has in-handle brush-head storage that makes it easy to take on your travels and ensures it stays clean in your bag. So you can say goodbye to your old plastic case, too. Furthermore, use the compact magnetic wall dock to put the AEON brush on display in your bathroom. In fact, you can use the dock on any surface and move it easily at any time. Banish plastic for good without compromising on looks.

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