AEV Is Now Offering A Ford Bronco Differential Cover

American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) is best known for its off-road aftermarket parts for Jeeps. However, they might also be recognized as the main collaborators with General Motors to create the ZR2 Bison and AT4X AEV trucks. They’ve also released some components for other vehicles like the Dodge Ram, but until recently, they have not made any products for the Ford Bronco.

AEV Ford Bronco Differential Cover: Details

The AEV Differential Cover is for the 2021+ Ford Bronco and was explicitly designed for the Dana M220. The cover offers an added level of protection for the Bronco’s rear differential when navigating technical terrain. The heavy-duty part is crafted from nodular iron and features an axle-specific fluid level port placed at the correct level to meet factory specifications. That should eliminate the need to guess on oil level or use a dipstick to determine the right amount of oil.

Ford Bronco AEV Differential Cover

For even more convenience, the Ford Bronco AEV Differential Cover has an oversized oil fill port located on the top of the cover. This fill port allows you to easily add fluid in the field if axle repairs are necessary and doubles as an inspection port, allowing the user to see inside the differential. This will enable the user to inspect the ring gear teeth easily, look for water intrusion or even use a dial indicator to inspect for problems without ever removing the cover.

The cover itself is a worthy investment to make off-road vehicle maintenance significantly more convenient in the long run. AEV says the installation is relatively easy and should only take someone about an hour to replace with the factory cover. Obviously, the differential won’t fit the Bronco Sport, and unfortunately, it also won’t fit the Bronco Raptor, so maybe they have something in the works for those. As for pricing, the Ford Bronco Rear Differential Cover will set you back $236, which isn’t a bad price for what you’re getting.

AEV Ford Bronco Differential Cover

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