AEV Snorkel Kit For 2019+ Ram HD

A snorkel is a vital part of a serious off-road rig. It gives the driver more confidence when facing significant obstacles that could mean life or death for a vehicle. No one wants to drown their engine in the middle of a water crossing and potentially risk losing their rig. For those that like to take their Ram HD trucks on wild adventures, there’s a snorkel kit for you from American Expedition Vehicles (AEV).

Ram HD AEV Snorkel Kit: Details

Inspired by heavy-duty industrial and military applications around the world, the AEV Snorkel Kit for 2019+ Ram HD trucks is designed to provide hard-working diesel or gas engines with the cleanest air possible, maximizing engine performance and increasing longevity and air filter service life, even in severe environments.

Ram HD AEV Snorkel

AEV Snorkel kits are tested extensively in controlled environments and under real-world conditions, where strength and durability can be evaluated. The HD Ram Snorkel is made from an OE quality, UV-stable cross-linked polyethylene. This means that it offers superior durability and performance. The Snorkel kit is tested to extreme hot and cold temperatures to ensure thermal stability. The AEV Snorkel Kit includes a new lower airbox assembly that adapts to the OEM airbox lit for an ultra-clean install. There is also a template for cutting the hole in the fender, which is helpful to make sure you get it right the first time. You definitely wouldn’t want to make a mistake after finishing the cut.

All of the AEV Snorkel Kits include a standard Air Ram inlet. However, it’s recommended that customers who live or travel in severe environments, including high dust, sand, or silt, consider adding the optional self-cleaning Sy-Klone Pre-Filter. You can purchase the Snorkel kit for the 2019+ Ram HD for just $649. The kit fits both the 6.4L Hemi and 6.7L Cummins Diesel engines but is not compatible with Ram 1500 models.

Ram HD AEV Snorkel

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