Air.0 origami-inspired mouse suits today’s mobile lifestyle with a new form factor » Gadget Flow

Give your work setup a redesign and go for the Air.0 origami-inspired mouse. Offering a redesigned form factor for on-the-go use, it has a truly portable design for mobile working and living. With this gadget, you avoid an unsightly bulge protruding from your pockets or bags. It has an origami design concept that transforms a flat material into a robust 3D-shaped object—and then back to its flat state again. A totally new iteration of a traditional computer mouse, it enhances your productivity and enjoyment in various situations. In fact, it provides a slim, portable, sturdy solution and ergonomically fits in your hand. Furthermore, super slim at only 4.5 mm and lightweight at 40 grams, it simply folds together and magnetically snaps into action. Finally, it connects with any Bluetooth-enabled computer or device via Bluetooth 5.2 with minimal latency and without the need for a dongle.

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