Alexa can now download Xbox Game Pass titles

(Pocket-lint) – Amazon Alexa users can now enlist the help of the voice assistant to download Xbox Game Pass titles. 

The subscription package, which allows users to select from a wide range of on-demand games for a monthly fee, would previously require users to begin these downloads from their Xbox or the Xbox app. 

With this new integration, owners of both an Alexa device – whether that’s an Echo speaker or, say, the new Echo Buds – and an Xbox can streamline the process. 

By saying, “Alexa, download Alexa can now download Xbox Game Pass titles from Xbox Game Pass”, the smart assistant is able to perform the action. 

Naturally, how this works is slightly dependant on whether your Xbox is already linked with Alexa. If the two are already connected, the voice assistant will find the title you’ve asked for and install it automatically. Users can also ask what’s new, popular or leaving the service soon.

If you haven’t linked your devices, you’ll be prompted to do so when asking Alexa to download a title. To do this, you’ll need to head to the Alexa app and installing the Xbox skill. 

The move, of course, comes just a few weeks after Microsoft and Alexa joined forces to launch an Alexa app for Xbox, which allows users to display the likes of emails and the weather on their device – kind of like an on-device Echo Show.

As you might expect, Microsoft is also the first to take advantage of this new download feature, with Sony yet to explore the same level of integration. 

And, even better, the feature is rolling out to users in the US already. Other markets will receive the feature in the future, but, at this stage, there’s no timeframe for that landing. 

Writing by Conor Allison.

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