All About Whitney’s Ex-Boyfriend Avi Lang

Whitney Way Thore dated Avi Lang on My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 5. Here’s everything about Avi and his ill-fated relationship with Whitney.

Whitney Way Thore has been betrayed by several of her boyfriends on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, but one of the reality star’s most notorious exes is Avi Lang. Although their relationship didn’t last more than half a year, Whitney’s ex-boyfriend Avi proved to be one of the most detrimental men to be featured in the dancer’s TV show. From his gruesome relationship with Whitney to his life outside of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, here is everything there is to know about Avi.

One thing Whitney’s fans know well is that she is quick to fall in and out of toxic relationships. Last season, My Big Fat Fabulous Life audiences watched as Whitney’s engagement with her ex-fiancé fell apart after it came out that he was cheating on her. Currently, Whitney is dating an anonymous French man. While the mysterious Frenchman has given no indication of breaking Whitney’s heart, viewers have simply lost faith in Whitney’s ability to pick men. Fans mainly don’t trust Whitney’s current relationship because of how brutally Avi treated the reality star during their short-lived, but intense, romance.

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Whitney first introduced audiences to Avi on My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 5. In true Whitney style, the dancer and reality star had fallen for her new boyfriend quickly. Fans weren’t sure that Whitney’s relationship with Avi would last, but she was fully invested in the romance. The pair met online in messages Whitney eventually shared on her Instagram. Whitney’s post showed Avi first reached out to Whitney in September 2016 and he felt compelled to talk with her because he was moved by her Ted Talk. Soon after Avi’s first messages, Whitney was in deep with the mysterious boyfriend. Whitney was even talking about converting to Judaism so that she could get married to Avi. One obstacle that was presented early in their relationship was Avi’s aversion to social media. Ultimately, this proved to be the undoing of Avi’s relationship with Whitney.

Whitney’s boyfriend insisted that he maintain a low profile because he didn’t want anyone that followed him to know that he was dating someone who wasn’t Jewish. Whitney’s relationship was ruined as she soon found out that Avi was just covering his tracks. In a My Big Fat Fabulous Life episode from 2018, Whitney discovered the terrible truth behind why Avi wasn’t public on social media. Whitney spoke with Nada, an Egyptian woman who revealed herself to be Avi’s fiancée. Avi’s relationship with Whitney came to an end in March 2017 after the reality star confronted him. Avi drove away as fast as he could and left no trace for fans to find out more about him online. While Avi is nowhere to be found, more of his victims keep popping up as another woman recently confessed to Whitney she had also been in an online relationship with Avi.

Whitney has a slew of bad ex-boyfriends, but Avi takes the cake as the most ruthless of all of her former lovers. From lying to her online about being engaged to another woman to sheepishly fleeing the coffee shop when confronted by Whitney, Avi has one of the reality show’s worst legacies. Fortunately for Avi, his private online status protects him from the anger of the My Big Fat Fabulous Life fanbase.

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