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Love, Victor has returned for season 2, telling the story of a diverse range of new and returning cast and characters both teenage and adult. The comedy-drama series, which continues in the same universe that was established by the movie Love, Simon, has been a hit for the streaming platform Hulu, and praised by critics. Love, Victor season 1 premiered June 17, 2020, and season 2 was confirmed quickly after, premiering on June 11, 2021.

The first season received warm praise from critics for the complex contemporary topics Love, Victor covered, and the way it portrayed diverse families and relationships, though many reviews criticized a lack of depth to those themes. Season 2 of Love, Victor will be expanding on the themes explored in the first season, including queer relationships, sexual identity, religious belief, teen relationships, and more. Perhaps the second season can make up for those areas where Love, Victor season 1 didn’t quite delve deep enough.

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Many cast members from Love, Victor season 1 return in the second installment, as well as several new cast members, both supporting and guest stars, including a new connection back to Love, Simon. The second season picks up where the first left off, even repeating some moments from the ending of Love, Victor season 1. Here’s a breakdown of Love, Victor season 2’s cast and characters, the actors who play them, and what they’ve appeared in before.

Love, Victor Main Cast

love victor season 2 main cast

Michael Cimino as Victor Salazar: After coming out to his parents at the ending of Love, Victor season 1, Victor has been living in a summer bubble with his boyfriend Benji and friends Felix and Lake. He deals with the fallout of his parents’ reaction as well as their separation, faces coming out to his schoolmates, and the complicated position into which he placed his ex-girlfriend Mia. Michael Cimino is best known for his role as Bob Palmeri in Annabelle Comes Home.

George Sear as Benjamin ‘Benji’ Campbell: Benji was already out as gay when he met Victor at Creekwood high; as his boyfriend, Benji helps as Victor struggles with his parents’ and schoolmates’ reaction to the events of Love, Victor season 1. Sear starred as Parker Roscoe in Alex Rider and Seb Crossley in The Evermoor Chronicles.

Rachel Hilson as Mia Brooks: Mia is still reeling from discovering Victor is gay and from her father’s decision to advance his relationship with his girlfriend Veronica, who is pregnant. She spent the summer “off the grid” as a camp counselor, and has returned home to discover her friends have had a great summer without her, the guy she was interested now has a girlfriend, and she doesn’t feel like she fits in. Hilson previously appeared as in Beth Clarke in This Is Us, and Nisa Dalmar in The Good Wife, among other TV appearances.

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Anthony Turpel as Felix Weston: Felix is Victor’s awkward best friend who, in season 2, will try to help his mother, who struggles with her mental health, and advance his relationship with his girlfriend, Lake. The Bold and the Beautiful and No Good Nick are among Turpel’s past TV credits.

Bebe Wood as Lake Meriwether: As Mia’s best friend and Felix’s girlfriend, Lake is in a tough spot between Mia and Victor in season 2. Wood has a range of previous TV and voice roles, including The Real O’Neals and The New Normal.

Mason Gooding as Andrew: Andrew is a jock at Creekwood High who comforted Mia after she found Victor kissing Benji. Andrew appears to have an increased role in the cast of Love, Victor season 2. His credits include playing Nick Howland in Booksmart and Luke in Everything’s Gonna Be Okay.

Isabella Ferreira as Pilar Salazar: Victor’s sister Pilar is also coping with the new circumstances of their parents’ separation, as well as supporting Victor through his coming out. Ferreira appeared in several episodes of Orange Is the New Black as Eva Diaz.

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Ana Ortiz as Isabel Salazar: Isabel is Victor’s mother, who in season 2 reacts to Victor’s coming out and tries to work on her relationship with husband Armando as they trial a separation. Ortiz starred as Hilda Suarez in Ugly Betty and Marisol Suarez in Devious Maids.

James Martinez as Armando Salazar: Victor’s father goes through much of the same as his wife, Isabel, while trying to support his family from further away. Martinez is best known for his role of Alex Romero in House of Cards season 5.

Love, Victor Supporting Cast

love victor season 2 supporting cast

Nick Robinson as Simon Spiers: The star of Love, Simon, Nick Robinson, returns for Love, Victor season 2 as narrator and guest star, as well as producing the show. Robinson also appeared in Jurassic World, Everything, Everything, and A Teacher.

Anthony Keyvan as Rahim: A new character; Pilar’s friend who has a religious background. He also appears in Generation.

Mekhi Phifer as Harold Brooks: Mia’s father tries to reconnect with his daughter as she returns from summer camp. Phifer starred opposite Eminem in 8 Mile and had a main role on ER.

Sophia Bush as Veronica: Harold’s girlfriend tries to fit into the Brooks family while pregnant and running a nonprofit. Bush starred in One Tree Hill and Chicago P.D.

Lukas Gage as Derek: Benji’s ex-boyfriend returns in season 2. Gage also appeared in Euphoria.

Beth Littleford as Sarah: With Benji and Victor continuing to work at the coffee shop, their Manager Sarah also returns for Love, Victor season 2. Littleford was a correspondent on The Daily Show.

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Daniel Croix as Tyler: Tyler is a college student whom Mia meets at a function. Croix also appears in The Oval.

Andy Richter as Coach Ford: Victor’s basketball coach and the Creekwood High P.E. teacher. Richter appears on Conan O’Brien’s talk shows Conan, Late Night, and The Tonight Show, as well as voicing character in productions such as Madagascar, and Final Space.

Charlie Hall, AJ Carr, and Will Ropp as Kieran, Teddy, and Wyatt: Andrews friends and Victor’s basketball teammates.

Kevin Rahm and Embeth Davidtz as Mr. and Mrs. Campbell: Benji’s parents are introduced in Love, Victor season 2.

Ava Capri as Lucy: A new character; introduced as Andrew’s girlfriend.

Josh Duhamel as Jack Spier: Spier is the father of Simon Spier, the second appearance from a character from Love, Simon, and runs a PFLAG meeting for parents of queer teens. Duhamel’s credits include Transformers, Safe Haven, and Jupiter’s Legacy.

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Love, Victor is streaming on Hulu.

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