Amanda Holden shares her tips for keeping her skin looking young ‘Need to change it up!’

Amanda Holden stuns for Britain’s Got Talent semi-final

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Amanda Holden, 51, has been dazzling in an array of outfits this week for the Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals. Ahead of tonight’s grand final, she spoke exclusively with about her beauty regime, and how she stays looking young. 

Amanda said: “I think with my skincare regime I try and change it every six months. 

“So I’m using Barbara Stern at the moment, because she’s just incredible. 

“But I often change that to LMS or SkinCeuticals – it’s sort of every three to six months I’ll change because your skin does get used to products and I think all of those products need to change up every now and then,” she explained. 

“Makeup wise like I’m always on Revolutions website. 

“I just think they do incredible – I mean I’m an absolute sucker for packaging, so the packaging there is beautiful, products are fantastic. 

“The price point is amazing. That’s where I am for makeup. 

“And then for hair, I’m an ambassador for Charles Worthington so I use their products,” she explained. 

Aside from beauty products, Amanda also likes to eat everything in moderation and exercise regularly. 

“I go running – I’ve recently got a personal trainer in because I just think maybe I can tone up a bit to the summer,” she commented. 

“It’s not something I like doing. I’m not a fan of the gym. 

“But I’m doing it because I think it’s important. 

“I think I’ll just do it before the summer that it’ll all go to pot while I’m in Greece drinking rose eating spanakopita!” She joked. 

“And then I’ll come back in September start all over in time for Christmas. 

“I think I live like most other women – it’s on off on off with me. 

“I do love my running for headspace more than what it’s actually achieving for me.

“But you know, I pick things up and put things down all the time. 

“I’m definitely not a dieter. I love my food,” she admitted. “I love the odd glass of wine. 

“I think you have to live and I don’t put any kind of stops on anything because again after two or three years of lockdowns and other people trying to control how we live, I think don’t do it to yourself. 

“So enjoy life as much as you can,” she advised. 

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