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CHANDIGARH: In a virtual revolt against the Congress leadership’s decision to prop up Punjab PCC chief Navjot Singh Sidhu as the face of the party in the 2022 election, former chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Wednesday declared he would pit a strong candidate against his bête noire to “ensure his defeat” in the polls.
Amarinder, who had stepped down as CM four days ago citing repeated humiliation by the party, reiterated that he was keeping his “options open” about his political future. He said his objective was to prevent Sidhu from becoming chief minister at the cost of his own career, including “any sacrifice to save the country from such a dangerous man”.
“I was ready to leave after a victory, but never after a loss,” Amarinder said, claiming he had offered to quit during a chat with Sonia Gandhi three weeks earlier and that she had asked him to continue. “If she had just called me and asked me to step down, I would have,” he said.
Amarinder said he took exception to a Congress Legislature Party meeting being convened “in a secretive manner”, without taking him into confidence.
“I would not have taken MLAs on a flight to Goa or some other place. That is not how I operate. I don’t do gimmicks, and the Gandhi siblings know that is not my way,” he said. “Priyanka and Rahul are like my children…This should not have ended like this. I am hurt.”
Describing the Gandhi siblings as “inexperienced”, Amarinder said their advisers were clearly misguiding them. The former chief minister said he had been talking to his friends before deciding what to do next.
“You can be old at 40 and young at 80,” he quipped, making it clear that he did not see age as a hurdle.
On allegations of inaccessibility when he was chief minister, Amarinder said he had been elected to the assembly seven times and twice to Parliament.
“There must be something right with me,” he said, adding that the Congress leadership had evidently decided on making the change (in Punjab) and were trying to build a case.

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