Amazon Echo Show 15 is now available for pre-order

(Pocket-lint) – Amazon’s largest Echo Show to date, the Echo Show 15, has opened pre-orders, with deliveries expected by 9 December.

The Echo Show 15 was announced in September 2021, taking on a new form and being designed for wall mounting.

This will mean that it’s more like a picture on the wall, but equipped with all of Alexa’s skills, as well as the familiar experience that the Echo Show has offered for a number of years.


Moving to a larger format, Amazon is making some changes to this device, wanting to make it more useful as a family noticeboard.

You’ll be able to put digital sticky notes on it, show shared calendars, as well as setting up personal profiles so the content can be tailored to whoever is looking at it. Thanks to visual ID, the camera can recognise who you are (if you want it to) to make this happen.

Of course it can play all your music or just be an additional screen for entertainment wherever you choose to install it.

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If you don’t want to mount it on the wall, there’s also a tilt stand that’s available for it, meaning you can have it standing on your kitchen worktop.

You can also use the Echo Show 15 as a photo frame and, of course, make it the centre of your smart home controls.

The Echo Show 15 is available to pre-order now, priced at $249.99 in the US or £239.99 in the UK.

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