AMD Investigating USB Connectivity Issues with Ryzen PCs

A slew of complaints has been posted to Reddit and user forums regarding USB connectivity bugs with Ryzen systems. AMD has announced via a forum post that it is investigating the matter, but for now, the breadth of the issue remains unknown and AMD says it impacts a “small number of users.” We’ve reached out to AMD and motherboard vendors for further comment and will update as necessary.

The issues seem confined to Ryzen 3000 and 5000 series CPUs in 500-series motherboards (i.e., X570 and B550) and consist of random dropouts for USB-connected devices. The complaints encompass a number of different types of USB devices, with issues including unresponsive external capture devices, momentary keyboard connection drops, slow mouse responses, issues with VR headsets, and, more worryingly, connection issues with external storage devices and USB-connected CPU coolers. 

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