AMD Zen 4 ‘Raphael’ Ryzen Desktop CPU Mockup Pictured, Designed For AM5 LGA1718 Socket & Up To 170W TDP

The first mockup of AMD’s next-generation Zen 4 powered Raphael Ryzen Desktop CPUs has been posted by ExecutableFix. The picture comes as a follow-up to his original tweet in which he leaked information regarding the AM5 platform and the respective LGA1718 socket.

AMD Zen 4 Powered Raphael Ryzen Desktop CPUs Pictured in Mockup Render, Designed For AM5 LGA 1718 Socket & Feature Square Package

One of the biggest changes mentioned on the AM5 platform is the switch from the PGA socket to the LGA socket. The AM5 platform will feature the LGA 1718 socket and as the name suggests, it’ll comprise 1718 pins that will make contact with the CPU. That’s actually 18 more pins than the Intel LGA 1700 socket which will support the next-generation Alder Lake CPUs. That would mean that we won’t see anymore Ryzen Desktop chips with pins beneath them but instead, we would see contact pads (gold) similar to those underneath Intel Desktop CPUs.

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In the mockup, you could clearly see that the AMD Zen 4 based Raphael Ryzen Desktop CPUs will retain a square package but feature a smaller size compared to Intel’s Alder Lake-S Desktop CPUs which is going to feature a larger package size. However, AMD will be packing more contact pads within a smaller area since the majority of Intel’s package space is taken up by capacitors & other VRM regulator chips.

The leaker didn’t stop there and also mentions a few more details on the Zen 4 powered Raphael lineup of Ryzen Desktop CPUs. It is stated that the next-generation Zen 4 chips will be fully DDR5 compliant and won’t retain DDR4 support anymore. Intel on the other hand will be offering both DDR5 (premium) and DDR4 (budget) memory support on its 600-series platform. There are also going to be 28 PCIe Gen 4.0 lanes available (+4 compared to Zen 3) and while not having PCIe Gen 5.0 definitely sounds like a baller, we should remember that the PCIe Gen 4.0 interface is far from being saturated at the moment.

AMD Ryzen Raphael ‘Zen 4’ Desktop CPU Expected Features:

  • Brand New Zen 4 CPU Cores (IPC / Architectural Improvements)
  • Brand New TSMC 5nm process node with 7nm IOD
  • Support on AM5 Platform With LGA1718 Socket
  • Dual-Channel DDR5 Memory Support
  • 28 PCIe Gen 4.0 Lanes (CPU Exclusive)
  • 105-120W TDPs (Upper Bound Range ~170W)

AMD did update its AM4 platform to PCIe Gen 4.0 earlier than Intel and we don’t expect any GPU series to saturate the Gen 4 protocol soon however, next-generation PCIe 5.0 SSDs could become a serious marketing tool for Intel on its Alder Lake platform. But by that time, I am pretty sure AMD will have their own PCIe Gen 5.0 platform out.

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Moving on, the leaker also states that the AMD Raphael’ Zen 4′ Ryzen Desktop CPUs will feature a standard TDP of up to 120W but that would be configurable up to 170W. We don’t know if that’s going to be the upper limit like PL2 on Intel chips but we can expect some serious clocks and OC potential if this is true. Furthermore, we have to state that the smaller package size does make it seem like we may or may not get a core count bump.

While AMD has stated a core count bump is very likely on the mainstream platform, the smaller package size leaves little room to include any more chiplets. Now sure, 5nm will reduce the size of the chiplets while a 7nm IOD will eventually be much smaller than the 12nm IOD featured on Zen 3 chips at the moment but let’s wait & see what AMD has cooked for us in its next-generation Ryzen desktop CPU release.

AMD Zen CPU / APU Roadmap:

Zen Architecture Zen 1 Zen+ Zen 2 Zen 3 Zen 3+ Zen 4 Zen 5
Process Node 14nm 12nm 7nm 7nm 6nm? 5nm 3nm?
Server EPYC Naples (1st Gen) N/A EPYC Rome (2nd Gen) EPYC Milan (3rd Gen) N/A EPYC Genoa (4th Gen) TBA
High-End Desktop Ryzen Threadripper 1000 (White Haven) Ryzen Threadripper 2000 (Coflax) Ryzen Threadripper 3000 (Castle Peak) Ryzen Threadripper 5000 (Chagal) N/A Ryzen Threadripper 6000 (TBA) TBA
Mainstream Desktop CPUs Ryzen 1000 (Summit Ridge) Ryzen 2000 (Pinnacle Ridge) Ryzen 3000 (Matisse) Ryzen 5000 (Vermeer) Ryzen 6000 (Warhol / Cancelled) Ryzen 6000 (Raphael) TBA
Mainstream Desktop . Notebook APU Ryzen 2000 (Raven Ridge) Ryzen 3000 (Picasso) Ryzen 4000 (Renoir)
Ryzen 5000 (Lucienne)
Ryzen 5000 (Cezanne)
Ryzen 6000 (Barcelo)
Ryzen 6000 (Rembrandt) Ryzen 7000 (Phoenix) Ryzen 8000 (Strix Point)
Low-Power Mobile N/A N/A Ryzen 5000 (Van Gogh)
Ryzen 6000 (Dragon Crest)

What would you like to see in next-generation AMD Ryzen CPUs?

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