And the 2021 iPhone Photography Awards go to… the iPhone 7

And the 2021 iPhone Photography Awards go to... the iPhone 7

The best camera is the one you have in your pocket, says the old photographer’s adage, and nowhere is that more valid than in the iPhone universe, ranked the world’s most popular camera by many a picture upload sites.

As if to hammer that point home further, the 2021 iPhone Photography Awards have been announced, and the winner there used the aging iPhone 7 to take the money shot. It’s a portrait of two shepherds in the frozen Transylvanian winterland and is as skillfully shot, despite the cloudy skies, as it is powerful as a message. 

The iPhone 7 also won the Other category, with the photo you see in the header, titled New Clothes for the Pole. The shepherds shot win the Grand Prize, but the winner of the first place in the 2021 iPhone Photography Awards is using an old iPhone as well, the OG iPhone X which, truth be told, suffered from underexposure and other camera issues at launch. Still, the black&white shot titled Bonding, of a man and his horse, is a lesson in “catch the moment” shots.

In fact, the iPhone 12 series earns a couple of first places in various niche categories, like Portrait, Still Life, or Travel, and a few second or third positions in Abstract, People, or Panorama, too, all done exclusively on the Pro models. Which one is your favorite?

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