Anderson Composites “Halo” Doors For The Ford Bronco

Remember the “donut” doors shown on the two-door Ford Bronco back in July of 2020? Mounted onto an accessorized orange Bronco during the SUV’s highly anticipated official reveal, the doors were expected to be amongst the slew of official Ford accessories available for the sixth-generation Bronco. But for various reasons, the donut doors never came to be as the the Bronco team doused all hopes shortly after the SUV’s reveal, saying that the doors weren’t ever intended for sale. It’s certainly a bummer, since the doors are quite the spectacle and work as a sensible alternative to the aftermarket tubular-steel doors that are available to fit onto off-road vehicles. However, we suspected it would only be a matter of time before an aftermarket company made them a thing since Ford wouldn’t do it, and it looks like that time is finally upon us.

Ford Bronco: “Halo” Doors Aftermarket Accessory

Ford Bronco "Halo" Doors

Anderson Composites have just revealed photos of their “Halo” doors for the Ford Bronco on their Facebook page, and they look pretty much identical to what Ford wouldn’t give us. Placed on a two-door Bronco, the doors are similar to what we had seen on the orange SUV back in 2020. The exact release date for the “Halo” doors has yet to be revealed, but they have stated that it’s coming soon, which is exciting since the doors were a significant draw to purchase the Ford Bronco for some people.

It’s now a certainty that the Ford Bronco will be getting these great alternatives to tube doors. But, of course, the Jeep Wrangler may also receive something similar with time, if not from Stellantis (who has filed for a patent on a similar design).

Anderson Composites has come to the rescue with their “Halo” door for the Ford Bronco, offering a sleeker finish with the same feel as tube doors. It’ll just be a matter of time before these things fly off the shelves. We’ll be seeing Bronco’s on the road with the accessory in no time.

Ford Bronco "Halo" Doors

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