Android 12’s beautiful new weather widgets go live ahead of official release

Take a look at Android 12's beautiful new weather widgets

The latest beta for the Google app finally brings the anticipated new weather widgets in Android 12 that closely follow the Material You visual guidelines. Provided that you have Google 12.41 beta or newer on your Pixel that’s running Android 12 Snow Cone beta 5, then lo and behold, you can now garner your home screen with the fresh new weather widgets.
This is probably the last missing piece from the Android 12 jigsaw, which is gearing for an official release to all eligible Pixel devices imminently. As a reminder, Google’s official Pixel 6-series announcement keynote is taking place later today, and we anticipate that Google will be releasing Android 12 shortly after.

Anyway, the new weather widget fits perfectly within the Android 12 design language. It shows the current, as well as minimum and maximum temperatures for the day, your location, and finally, has beautiful and expressive weather icons as well as bold numbers that simply pop up. The color scheme is derived from the wallpaper and themed accordingly, just like the rest of Android 12.

Despite being one of the most visually stunning changes in Android 12, the refreshed widgets in Android 12 took their sweet time to arrive and were not available in the first Android 12 betas. It’s good that Google have widgets some much-needed love. Although widgets have been an integral part of Android for as long as it has existed, it was only after iOS adopted widgets with iOS 14 that Google ‘remembered’ it had widgets in tow.

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