APH Mantis Q40 AiO QWERTY keyboard is designed with a refreshable braille display » Gadget Flow

Designed with a 40-cell braille display, the APH Mantis Q40 AiO QWERTY keyboard provides more accessibility options. Made for portability, this Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-capable keyboard works great whether you’re a student or a professional. Pair it with your favorite device or use this braille keyboard on its own with the standalone features. On its own, it offers an editor for taking notes, a book reader, a calculator, the date and time, and a file manager. Additionally, this full QWERTY keyboard keeps braille at your fingertips. So you no longer have to use your keyboard without braille with you. With a refreshable braille display, it gives you details like spelling and punctuation. You’d otherwise miss out on these when using only a screen reader. Furthermore, this AiO QWERTY keyboard offers transferrable skills essential for higher education and employment.

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