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Apple Music has teamed up with record label Warner Music and Rothco to compile a series of playlists called Saylists, which has over a hundred tracks. The feature will reportedly help young listeners with the speech-sound disorder (SSD), also known as an articulation disorder or a phonological disorder. Saylists will help in analysing and recognising song lyrics and phrases in songs that may be challenging for SSD-affected children. A total of 10 different playlists are there with a focus on a certain letter or sound. The idea is to help in improving the pronunciation of a particular word or sound by singing along.

 Apple Music launches Saylists feature for users with speech-sound disorder: Report

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After analysing lyrics of 70 million songs in the Apple Music catalogue, the algorithm chose tracks that repeat challenging sounds. So far, 173 tracks, including Lizzo’s Good As Hell, Dua Lipa’s Don’t Start Now, and Fatboy Slim’s Right Here, have been chosen, according to a BBC report. The rumour about the Apple Music Saylist has also been confirmed by MacRumors.

In the UK, stammering affects about 1.5 million adults and one in 12 children experience some form of SSD. Saylists feature is reportedly aimed at helping such users experience the Apple Music app.

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