Apple Refuses To Kill The Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 7 might be the latest and greatest smartwatch from Apple, but the company doesn’t seem ready to let go of the Watch Series 3 yet.

Apple is keeping the Apple Watch Series 3 around even though the company just announced the new Series 7 during its ‘California Streaming’ event. The Apple Watch allows users to keep track of fitness and sleep patterns, along with even offering the opportunity to take an ECG on the Series 4, Series 5, and Series 6 models. In the future, the expectation is that Apple will add even more health-related features, including blood pressure tracking

The Apple Watch Series 3 was unveiled back in 2017 with a price tag of $200, alongside the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 lineups. Back in May of this year, Apple released new instructions for updating the Series 3, resulting in the inconvenient caveat of having to restore the Apple Watch to its factory settings before updating the software. This difficulty might have led some to speculate that the end was in sight for the Series 3, but it’s now clear that the aging smartwatch isn’t going away any time soon. 

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Apple revealed a wide range of exciting features for the Series 7, including a larger and brighter screen. While both the Series 7 and the Series 3 include an OLED Retina display, the Series 7 comes with an Always-On display that’s 70-percent brighter indoors than the Watch Series 6. Users can expect to enjoy up to 18 hours of battery regardless of whether using the Series 3 or the Series 7. However, the Series 7 introduces a full keyboard with QuickPath, a feature missing in the Series 3. Most notably, the Series 7 keeps the blood oxygen, ECG and fall detection support, all of which are missing on Series 3. In terms of price, the Series 7 starts at $399, while the Series 3 is the more affordable option starting at $199. 

Comparing Series 3 With The Watch SE

Apple SE & Watch 3

Both the Series 3 and the Apple Watch SE are affordable options, with the Watch SE priced at $249, and both offer a battery life of up to 18 hours. Even though both Apple watches also feature a Retina display, the Watch SE’s screen is 30-percent larger than the one included with the Series 3. The Watch SE also comes with sleep tracking and fall detection support, neither of which are available on the Series 3. 

The Series 3 is also lacking the Noise app, which is included on the Watch SE. The Noise app monitors the surrounding environment, and if things get too loud, the Watch SE can alert the user and potentially prevent hearing loss or damage. Watch SE also includes support for the convenient Family Setup, while the Watch Series 3 doesn’t. Even though the Watch Series 3 remains available to buy, it is becoming increasingly clear that shoppers will benefit more from choosing one of the company’s other models, including Apple’s Watch SE.

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