Apple reportedly sells out of titanium Apple Watch model; foldable iPhone two-three years away

Apple reportedly sells out of titanium Apple Watch model; foldable iPhone two-three years away

According to Bloomberg scribe Mark Gurman, Apple has no more high-end Apple Watch edition timepieces to sell. The priciest non-Hermes Apple Watch Edition models have sold out on Apple’s website. This is the titanium model of the Apple Watch Edition which is priced at $799 and up.
The titanium Apple Watch Edition unit has become impossible to find in most major markets regardless of size, color, and band configuration. Online the device is currently listed as “currently unavailable” and cannot be ordered from the physical Apple Stores. Gurman points out that Apple has not officially declared that the titanium model has been discontinued, but he believes that Apple didn’t expect the variant to sell tremendously well considering the price and this small amount of inventory has sold out.
With the Series 7 Apple Watch to be introduced in just six weeks, Apple probably decided that now is not the time to rebuild the inventory of its titanium watch. And Gurman believes that Apple might decide to drop the titanium model altogether as it did in the past with other high-end models made with Ceramic and Gold. As he correctly points out, who wants to pay $800 for a watch that becomes outdated after just one year?

Gurman also made some comments about Apple’s current charger situation and says that the tech giant should reduce the number of chargers it offers for its devices to three from the current five. He writes that Apple could start on the road toward revising its charger situation by replacing Lightning ports with USB-C ports. The latter has become the most widely used connector for the consumer electronics industry.

As for wireless charging, Gurman suggests that Apple make the Apple Watch, iPhone and Mac all compatible with the same MagSafe wireless charging puck that is used by the iPhone. Bloomberg’s Apple expert also said that he expects a foldable iPhone to arrive in two to three years. Earlier this year he reported that Apple has built prototype foldable iPhone displays.  Gurman notes that critics might take Apple to task for copying Samsung after taking Sammy to court a few years ago for copying the iPhone design.

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