Argali Kodiak Belt and knife sharpener allows you to shape, sharpen and hone any knife » Gadget Flow

Consider a belt with an additional feature: the Argali Kodiak Belt and knife sharpener. Designed to be comfortable for everyday wear, this accessory uses materials built into its design that allow you to shape, sharpen, and hone any knife with ease. Functional and practical, its 2-in-1 design is perfect for outdoor ventures. In particular, it features a 6-inch vegetable-tanned leather stop, a tungsten carbide sharpening bar, and an 800-grit diamond plate along the back. Moreover, thanks to its low-profile form, it’s comfortable to wear underneath a backpack hip belt with minimal bulk. For additional comfort, it’s available in 2 sizes—medium and large—to fit waists from 28–44 inches. Overall, this Argali accessory saves you from carrying a separate knife sharpener outdoors for efficiency.

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