Astrologer predicts line of succession changes

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March 2023 may be Prince William’s 41st birthday, but according to one astrologer, it’s also a transformative month for the Prince, his wife and the wider Royal Family. Astrology expert Jessica Adams spoke exclusively to about what she thinks the stars have in store.

Jessica told “The line of succession and individual titles within the Royal Family will transform in March 2023.”

She claimed that this will have huge financial consequences for several key members of the Royal Family.

“This alters the inheritance of Catherine, Princess of Wales and the legacy she leaves to the children, Charlotte, George and Louis.”

She continued: “It affects Charles III’s multi-billion real estate empire and William’s Duchy of Cornwall estate.”

The astrologer predicted dates when the Royal Family accountants will be “working overtime” – “near March 8 and March 23.

Jessica claimed that the consequences would be huge – “the beginning of the end of the old family life as Charles knew it.”

As for how it will affect Kate, Will and the kids, she predicted an “entirely new budget for the next 20 years”.

If it comes to fruition, this will take George, Charlotte and Louis up ages 29, 27 and 24, respectively.

Next, Jessica predicted that an important royal decision will be revealed on William’s birthday this year.

According to the astrologer, “a secret plan was made about the line of succession” three years ago.

Jessica claimed: “There was a second decision made that Christmas by our late Queen.”

The astrologer proposed that this decision “may have been Plan B for the monarchy”.

This would be that Prince William would become King William as Charles III steps down.

Alternatively, she claimed that “Plan C” may be that William becomes Prince Regent.

“We will see the results of this decision on William’s birthday, three years later, in March 2023,” she claimed.

Finally, Jessica prophesied some royal-related upheaval in the church.

She stated: “The crisis for the Crown that is coming in March, with a reshuffle in the ranks, including Charles and Camilla, cannot be separated from the drama surrounding the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Church of England.

“Anglicans have already been told, by Archbishop Justin Welby, that a £100million fund to ‘address past wrongs’ of slave trade links, is in store and will fund community projects.

“This, among other issues, including the status of royal marriages (and gay marriage) will turn a split in the Church of England into an earthquake from March to June, 2023.”

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