Asus Implies AMD’s X570S Arrives in Q3: Fanless Motherboards Incoming

AMD’s X570 platform has numerous advantages, but it also has one key disadvantage: the X570 chipset gets hot under load and requires active cooling. AMD has developed a new revision of the chipset — the X570S — that does not require a high-performance active cooling system, but the company hasn’t released a formal launch window. Fortunately, this week Asustek’s ROG division hinted that the boards will arrive in Q3 2021. 

Asus currently has two AMD X570-based ROG motherboards: the ROG Crosshair VIII Hero and the ROG Strix X570. Both platforms are equipped with rather sophisticated cooling systems with fans that tend to get noisy and annoying. Asus can’t really talk about AMD’s plans for the X570S product, but it can talk about its ROG Crosshair VIII Hero and ROG Strix X570 motherboards with passive cooling that it says are now due to be released in Q3. 

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