Asus Reveals the ROG Maximus XIII Apex for Rocket Lake CPUs

Asus has listed the ROG Maximus XIII Apex on its website, implying that the successor to the ROG Maximus XII Apex may be closer than we think. The new iteration to the Apex series has been engineered to tame Intel’s 11th Generation Rocket Lake processors.

Built around the new Z590 chipset and existing LGA1200 socket, the ROG Maximus XIII Apex comes equipped with an 18-phase power delivery subsystem. Each power stage, which can manage up to 90 amps, is accompanied by a MicroFine Alloy choke that can do 45 amps. Asus revamped the power design on the ROG Maximus XIII Apex completely by getting rid of the phase doublers. The motherboard also employs 10K Japanese black metallic capacitors that can take a beating. The VRM area is properly cooled with thick, aluminum passive heatsinks. The ROG Maximus XIII Apex feeds Rocket Lake chips through a pair of 8-pin EPS power connectors.

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