ATLAS conservation card game promotes protecting the planet and to live and let live » Gadget Flow

Named after Atlas, a mythological Greek Titan who holds planet Earth on his shoulders, the ATLAS conservation card game is a new type of game. This card game, which is suitable for the whole family, seeks to convey one primary message: live and let live. In this fun game, you’ll match 60 species of living things across five continents. Moreover, it also includes action cards that allow you to enact strategic moves. Rather than artistic interpretations, the creators used photos of animals to remind players that these real beings deserve attention. Furthermore, each animal is presented with a world map, enhancing your awareness that you’re part of the whole scope of its existence. Suitable for up to 10 players and anyone ages 6 and up, this game lets you keep each other company and fosters a sense of togetherness across generations.

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