AUO Optronics Staggering 85-inch 4K Panel Display, Amazing 240 Hz Refresh Rate

AUO Optronics recently launched their TV panel, measuring 85 inches, and showcasing 240 Hz refresh rates. The panel utilizes “96% of DCI-P3 color space” with “an anti-reflection layer.” It is speculated that the enormous display is targeted at serious gamers, especially with having 4K resolution.

AUO Unveils A 85-Inch 4K Panel With 240 Hz Refresh Rate, Perfect For Big Format Gaming

AUO leads the industry in launching a full-flat, borderless ALCD LCD TV panel that integrates multiple technologies , with 8K4K ultra-high resolution , curved design , quantum dot wide color gamut and advanced HDR and other technical advantages, showing vivid and beautiful images.

Among them, the quantum dot wide color gamut technology adjusts the relevant panel design according to the characteristics of the quantum dots to achieve the optimal color performance. The color saturation exceeds NTSC 100%, showing more accurate colors and wider color gamut, even in the most subtle places. Can present a rich sense of hierarchy. Combined with HDR (High Dynamic Range) ultra-high dynamic contrast technology, it can make the dark and bright details of the image more obvious and clear, and the color level is richer and three-dimensional.

AUO’s LCD TV panels also have wide viewing angle technology, fast response, and high transmittance characteristics, and are equipped with high-efficiency LED backlights to meet diverse product needs.

What is interesting is its massive refresh rate. Most high-end gaming monitors peak at 144 Hz, a standard by most expensive displays. For the display to produce such high refresh rates, it would need to use HDMI 2.1 connectivity, if not DisplayPort 2.0 connectivity. If it did utilize HDMI 2.1, it would possibly need to use Display Stream Compression (DSC) due to the frequency being so high.

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The only reason for it not to have HDMI 2.1 connectivity would be that the connection is only capable of 42.6 gigabits per second by 12.64 gigabits per second bandwidth speeds. However, HDMI 2.1 is still more likely due to DisplayPort 2.0 needing UHMR 13.5 transmission modes, a speed of up to 52.22 gigabits per second, while the HDR with the only UHBR20, which uses 77.37 gigabits per second. DisplayPort 2.0 is also not currently available for consumer use.

There is not a large amount of information from the manufacturer about the new display. Information such as what type of panel, as well as the Variable Refresh Rate technology that is being used — one such option being G-Sync technology.

With the lack of information, we can only speculate what it can utilize at this point. To see the product and the information that the manufacturer has provided, please refer to their official website. Also, DisplaySpecifications website does also provide a few details as well about the new 85″ display from AUO Optronics.

Source: AUO Optronics, DigiTimesDisplaySpecifications

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