AWA Carbonator boasts a Scandinavian design and produces sparkling water in your kitchen » Gadget Flow

Enjoy sparkling water at home anytime you choose with the AWA Carbonator. This gorgeous gadget features a minimalist design that blends into any kitchen. Plus, it has a matte black finish and chrome accents. Also, with its cordless design, you can place it anywhere and move it around freely. What’s more, it creates carbonated water quickly and easily, right on your countertop. That way, you won’t have to waste glass or plastic bottles every time you want to drink something a little bubbly. In fact, to make your own carbonated water, all you have to do is fill the bottle with drinking water. Then, insert it into the machine and press the top button to carbonate. Best of all, you can even choose to add extra bubbles. Finally, the AWA Carbonator also makes a great addition to your office or business since its design fits into any hospitable space.

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