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Guarantee your desk stands out from the rest with the AZIO IZO intuitive wireless keyboard set. With wired and wireless options that work with both Mac and Windows setups, these accessories suit everyone. Available in three different styles—Baroque Rose, Blue Iris, and White Blossom—each option has a pearlescent coating. With a tone-on-tone design, this kit has gold accents, like on the space bar and the dual control knob. In fact, the knob manages the sound when you spin it and the backlight when you tap it. Additionally, you can navigate through 21 different backlight modes. Offering a 5,000 mAH battery capacity, a Bluetooth and USB interface, and three Bluetooth profiles, this set includes a keyboard, calculator, and mouse. Finally, with a cohesive, curved round design, this set provides ergonomic comfort and a style that differs from traditionally harsh edges.

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