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Baalveer Returns | Full Episode | Episode 56 | 18th December, 2020



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Episode 56: Vivaan Is Suspicious
Baalveer needs to take a seat for meditation to carry again Baalpari to her senses. Alternatively, Vivaan is practising his magical abilities. Timnasa takes over Vivaan’s faculty as the brand new Principal. She is pouring darkish power into anybody she touches. Vivaan is suspicious of that reality and is confused. Keep tuned.

About Baalveer Returns:
After Pari-Lok, the house of benevolent fairies was destroyed by a mighty evil, Timnasa. Baalveer takes shelter in Veer-Lok together with just a few Paris who had survived the bloodbath. There, underneath the steering of the sensible previous white lion Shaurya, Baalveer and Pari’s are instructed to seek out the successor of Baalveer on the earliest, since he was immensely injured in the course of the warfare and might want to crew up a brand new Baalveer to additional battle the battle with evil. This seek for the subsequent Baalveer takes them to earth, the place they uncover Vivan, who lives in an previous society of Mumbai. He’s the naughtiest child, an ardent fan of Salman Khan, and a non-believer of Baalveer and his powers. This provides to the distress of Baalveer as a result of sadly, this undisciplined, non-believer child is the true successor of Baalveer. What follows is the difficult journey of Baalveer and his crew to make Vivaan the subsequent Baalveer with some eccentric characters, infantile video games, and many magic on earth and the respective Loks, whereas the upcoming menace of Timnasa and the thriller behind her origin continues to play an element.

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