Bagletti unique suitcase transforms into a bed or chair and includes a power bank » Gadget Flow

Travel smarter and more comfortably with the Bagletti unique suitcase. In a few simple steps, it transforms into a bed or a chair that can hold up to 150 kg, making it perfect for long layovers at the airport. Best of all, you can use the cover, which has a filler, as a mattress for a cozy place to relax while you wait. Moreover, this unique suitcase boasts an integrated power bank with a connector for USB-C and Lightning ports. So you’ll never have to worry about your device’s battery running low in the airport or during the flight. Furthermore, the wheel folding mechanism reduces the size of the suitcase with just 1 click. That’s so useful for transporting it in a small trunk or to create additional space in the airplane’s luggage compartment. Finally, measuring 70 cm by 53 cm by 35 cm, it provides plenty of storage space.

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